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Joe Davis Snooker Memorabilia

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Joe Davis Snooker Memorabilia, 1927 – 1949 - Classic Years for Collectors and Billiard / Snooker enthusiasts.collectables  originating from 1927 – 1949 are of particular interest to Collectors and Billiard / Snooker enthusiasts. The Pre-War years tend to be the most sought after usually due to their rarity and unique place in history.
Cue sports ran in the family, Fred Davis Joe’s younger brother was also a very successful Billiards/Snooker player; Snooker Memorabilia associated with either of the Brothers’ would in my opinion be very collectable.
Joe Davis (1901 - 1978) born in Whitwell Derbyshire, Joe played both Billiards and Snooker however his initial interest was Billiards, from his early introduction to the game at eleven years of age it was to be just two years later that he became the Chesterfield Billiard Champion, he had turned professional by the age of 18.
Joe played Tom Newman (six times world champion 1921 – 27) in the World Billiard Championship final in 1926-27-28, having been runner up twice Joe finally established his position and became the World Champion in 1928, over the following three years Joe successfully defended his Title on each occasion (1931 no event), until coming runner up to Australian Wally Lindrum in 1933 and again the following year.
In the six world Finals contested by Davis and Newman they ended up winning three each.
Joe Davis Snooker Memorabilia which I have been fortunate to own Includes Hand Signed Autographs, Original Sepia Press Photographs, Press tickets and Programmes. Especially collectable is equipment Tables, Cues, Balls, Scoreboards associated with Major events.
From time to time Snooker Memorabilia associated with the Davis Bros comes up for auction, all items would be welcome additions to any Collection but specific Events of interest to me would be as follows:
1927 Camkins Hall Birmingham
1940 Thurstons Hall London
1946 Horticultural Hall London
1955 Leicester Square Hall London (1st official max break)
1934 saw a sharp decline in the game and it was not until Post War in 1951 that the Championship made a faltering reappearance from there it was only contested seven times prior to 1980 which saw the formation the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, that year the winner of the WPBSA championship was Fred Davis none other than Joe’s brother and 67 years old at the time.
Joe Davis turned his attention to Snooker assisting with the organisation of the first World Championship in 1927; Joe contested the Tournament defeating Tom Dennis in the final in Birmingham. Joe would win the Tournament for 15 years in a row; in 1940 he narrowly beat his brother Fred in the final 37-36.
A break followed during the War Years and it not until play resumed in 1946 that Joe defeated his old playing partner Horace Lindrum for the Title in London, This was his fifteenth victory and the last time he contested the World Championship, he left that up to Fred who was the dominant force over the next few years claiming eight World Championships.
In 1963 Joe Davis was awarded the Order of the British Empire.
The breaks came my way” is an unassuming Autobiography by Joe Davis which contains a wealth of interesting detail.
A Few Stats
Joe Davis: (1901 -1978)
Played professionally: 1919 -1964
Major Tournament wins: 22
World Champion: 1927 – 1940, 1946
Breaks of 100 or more: 687
Maximum break of 147: 22/1/55 JD achieved the first officially recognised 147 break at Leicester SQ Hall.

Tony Selby
Snooker Memorabilia

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