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Alexei Nemov Olympic Memorabilia

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Alexei Nemov Olympic Memorabilia

12 Times Olympic Medallist, Russian Athlete Nemov is One of the Greatest Gymnasts of our time.

He is renowned for his charismatic appeal and his highly competitive spirit.

His many successes and likeable character have made Alexei Nemov Olympic Memorabilia popular with Collectors who wish to add his triumphs to their portfolio.

At 14 he joined the Soviet Junior squad and began training at the National Training Centre at Round Lake.

At 16 he made his first international appearance in the April 1993 World Championships at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham, he finished a creditable fifth in the floor exercises.

He won his first Major all-round title in 1994 at the Goodwill Games at the Kirov Stadium in St Petersburg, beating Aleksei Voropaev the World Champion Silver Medallist by 1.25 points, on this occasion he was awarded more Medals at the Championship than any other athlete 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

.  He racked up 6 Medals at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta including Gold in the Team and Vault, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Over the next few years Nemov was plagued with recurring shoulder injuries and he did not appear to be able to consolidate his outstanding success of 1996, although he did earn Gold at the Lausanne World Championships and 2 more at Tianjin, he also won Gold in the 1998 European Championships at St Petersburg.

The best was to come at the 2000 Sydney Olympics where again he showed his earlier amazingly versatile talents and to the spectators delight won 6 Medals, Gold in the all-round and High bar, Silver floor, Bronze in the Team, Horse and Parallel bars, what a tremendous come back.

The following is a Tally of Alexei Nemov Olympic Medals:

2000 Sydney Gold  (2) Silver (1) Bronze (3)

1996 Atlanta Gold (2) Silver (1) Bronze (3)

Alexei Nemov Olympic Memorabilia is sought after especially when it features his most memorable events, Collectables that particularly appeal to me are listed below:

1993 and early events as a junior

1994 Goodwill Games Kirov Stadium

1994 European Championships Prague

1996 Olympic Games Atlanta

2000 Olympic Games Sydney

2004 Olympic Games Athens

Olympic Memorabilia which I tend to collect is usually Pre or soon after WW2, often this is not possible as modern competitors are becoming very popular, the modern tendency is towards Presentations, Montages, autographed photos, cards, posters, vests, caps, worn sportswear etc. I would include the following Collectable items:

Programmes, participation medals, ribbons and bars, press tickets, badges, stamp strips, badges and commemorative items, committee reports.

Collecting Olympic Memorabilia can be great fun and a rewarding hobby or small business.

Good luck with your collecting

Let me know how you get on???

Tony Selby

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