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Takashi Ono Olympic Memorabilia

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Selby There have been 0 comments

Takashi Ono Olympic Memorabilia

5 Gold Medals – Japanese Champion Gymnast – Olympic Collectibles from 1956 Melbourne, 1960 Rome, 1964 Tokyo are scarce and sought by Collectors.

Takashi born in Noshiro Japan in 1931 is the holder of 5 Olympic Medals, 4 silver and 4 Bronze. His artistic Gymnastic achievements make Collectables from his historic events an important addition to any portfolio.

Takashi was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1998.

It is important when purchasing Gymnastic Memorabilia to select the more significant events which the Athlete competed in, a signed item is so much more collectable when directly connected to a significant event.

Photographic presentations, event worn attire, hand signed photos are just a few of the collectables currently available.

Events which are specifically collectable are listed below:

Helsinki 1952: Vault 1 Bronze.

Melbourne 1956: Horizontal bar 1 Gold: All round, Horse, team 3 silver: Bars 1 Bronze.

Rome 1960 Horizontal bar, Vault and Team 3 Gold: All round 1 Silver: Bars, Rings 2 Bronze.

Tokyo 1964 Team, 1 Gold.

Collectables are in demand from the World Championships events:

1954 Rome.

1958 Moscow.

1962 Prague.

Associated Memorabilia from the World Championships, tickets, passes, badges, participation medals, handbooks, posters, competitor information, stamps and trade cards are all collectable and appreciating in value.

Always take care when purchasing Olympic Swimming Memorabilia online as there can be so many pitfalls and it is very much a case of buyer beware, I have written an article Rare autographs real or fake which should be of interest to the reader and may well save some money on your investment.

Now is a good time to start collecting, interest has never been greater with London Olympics later this year.

Tony Selby

Sports Memorabilia

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