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Kolkata Test Match

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Selby There have been 0 comments

Cricket at Eden Gardens Kolkata

England momentum is hitting a high just in time for the 4th test starting in Nagpur on Thursday.

Cricket memorabilia from Eden Gardens is already available and in demand, a seven wicket victory in the 3rd test makes it easy to forget the 9 wicket defeat in Ahmedabad and a drumming by Pakistan early in the year.

Alastair Cook has set a splendid example scoring 100s in each test, if he can follow through in the last test it will be the first win for the tourists in India since 1984/5.

Former India Captain Rahul Dravid is rightly concerned that having won the toss 3 times the home side has been unable to capitalise on the all-important wicket conditions, performances by Ashwin and Ojha have been disappointing and there is a general feeling that fitness standards and performance in the field are below par.

Victory here for England will be a forerunner to back to back Ashes next year. It is good news that Lords will now be hosting 2 test matches each year starting with New Zealand and Australia in 2013.

Cricket collectables of note on this tour are autographed tour itineries, menus and signed (printed and completed) scorecards, Alastair Cook would be a good start!!!!!

Tony Selby

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