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  • Funding for Olympic atheletes

    Posted on August 9, 2012 by Selby

    Sir Chris Hoy has it right in warning PM DC  of the consequences of cutting financial support to athletes, this would certainly have serious reprocussions on the 2016 games in Brazil.  We can't rely on Camelot to support our top atheletes, Sir Chris chose heated hot pants which are so important in maintaning muscle temperature as an examples. British Olympic Association  has received 250m since the start of the current campaign and it seems worth every penny when you observe the tremendous uplift it has brought to so many!!!

    tony selby

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  • 800 M Freestyle

    Posted on August 4, 2012 by Selby

    Commiserations to Rebecca Adlington losing her 800m freestyle, what potential Katie Ledecky has shown with her no questions win by an astonishing 4 seconds

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  • Headingley

    Posted on August 4, 2012 by Selby

    England need at least 550 runs over next couple of days followed by some strong bowling after that incredible batting performance by Petersen 182 caught behind by Prior, off Broad - umpire Davis was too quick off the mark giving 2 reversed lbw decisions.

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  • Roger Bannister Olympics Memorabilia

    Posted on July 27, 2012 by Selby

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Roger Bannister Olympics Memorabilia
    Sir Roger Bannister (1929) is the person forever synonymous with the breaking of the famous 4 minute mile and that was achieved on a cinder track in adverse weather conditions.
    Athletics memorabilia is always in demand with particular interest in the Olympics, one special period of interest would be the 1952 Olympics, I am always interested in purchasing for example presentations, race attire, hand signed photos, programmes, tickets, medals and other Olympic paraphernalia along with sports memorabilia from athletic track and field events.
    Bannister has carried out a number of signings notably one for the Irish Milers club at the City West Hotel Dublin.

    Roger was born in England and attended Harrow the public school situated in North West London prior to Oxford University. I mention his attendance at school and college as both institutions have always held, encouraged and supported amateur athletic events. (In 1953 the Surrey school Athletic Association introduced the mile race to its programme of events).
    Although a tremendous achievement at the time and in the circumstances, the mile is nowadays occasionally run in less than 4 minutes by top track athletes. Training in the late 1940s early 1950s was considered light compared to modern day standards, and then there are all sorts of other considerations such as kit, diet, motivational aspects etc.
    Bannister’s running career began whilst at Oxford in 1946 it was there after noticeable improvements in his running times that he began to train seriously, he set his sights on the 1952 Olympic games to be held in Helsinki, Bannister now training at an international level, his times improving, his confidence heightened, although finishing in fourth place set a British record in the 1500m.
    Following his 1952 Olympics efforts, Bannister considered giving up running however fortunately instead he set himself a new goal: To beat the four minute mile. To achieve this he drew up a concerted training programme which would require all of his perseverance and concentration, fitting this in with his medical studies at St Mary’s Hospital medical school took a lot of time management and dedication.
    His first attempt at the four minute mile was at Oxford in 1953 when he was paced by the now famous track athlete Chris Chataway, who was later to establish his own career. This was the race where Bannister realised that the four minute mile was just possibly within his reach.
    Bannister was not the only athlete at this time who was attempting to break the four minute mile, American Wes Santee and Australian John Landy were both competing around the 4.02 mark, Bannister who closely followed Landy’s efforts became concerned that the athlete would succeed with each attempt and realised that he had to make his record breaking attempt soon.
    On May 6th 1954 at Oxford competing for the British Amateur Athletic Associating in front of a few thousand spectators Roger Bannister made history, in the company of Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway he broke the 4 minute barrier achieving a time of 3.59.4, at the age of 25 Bannister had made history.
    Bannister was knighted in in 1975 for his service to Sport England.
    Sports memorabilia from the 1954 event is sought after and there is only a limited amount available, I am fortunate to have several hand signed photographs of Bannister at the event along with other Olympic collectables

    Best of luck with your collecting, let me know how you get on??

    Tony Selby
    Sports memorabilia


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  • Cricket at the Oval - 1st test hammering!!!

    Posted on July 24, 2012 by Selby

    England v South Africa - what lessons have been learned since the hammering SA dished out at Jo'berg in Jan 2010 the tourist losing by an innings and 74 runs, despite a good showing by Collingwood, Morne Morkel did the damage, England seemed a bit to complacent perhaps understandably. Now with the No 1 & 2 Test cricket sides meeting again this summer the tourists already have the advantage with an innings and 12 runs win at the Oval, lets hope we can turn it round on the 2/8 at Headingley - looking forward to 3rd Test at Lords on the Saturday!!

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  • Pre Olympics

    Posted on July 24, 2012 by Selby

    “Wiggo le Froggy” great win and big boost at start of Olympics
    congrats to Mark Cavendish, the world’s greatest sprinter, winning the final stage on the Champs-Elysées for the fourth year in a row!!

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  • Signed Cricket Bats

    Posted on May 12, 2012 by Selby



    England v Australia 1932/33 Bodyline series, Cricket Memorabilia.

    Signed Cricket Bats which have survived the infamous Australia v England Bodyline Series 1932/33 are highly sought after as Cricket Collectables, match used bats which are signed by both teams are especially in demand as they are considered rare.

    When collecting signed cricket bats it can be useful to specialise in specific areas say Test Cricket, First Class Matches, Ashes series. Pre-war and post war etc. I try to concentrate on pre-war,  assembling a pre-war collection can be expensive and time consuming yet at the same time a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

    It is fact that some cricketers were always more prolific when it came to Autographs and if approached at Cricket grounds from Lords to the Kensington Oval Barbados would happily oblige fans, an example would be Don Bradman arguably the greatest cricketer of all who would readily provide his autograph whereas Sid Barnes has rarely put pen to willow and when he did it was often stamped

    It stands to reason that when a cricketer is no longer with us his legacy to the enthusiast is his autograph, there can only be so many examples before the rarity aspect play its part.

    With some effort the Cricket Enthusiast can follow auctions and sales around the world make notes and compile lists of signatories with a rarity value.   Often sought after individual Cricket Bat autographs are found as part of a team signing, these cricket bats especially when signed by both sides, possibly with Umpires and Manager s included can be great buys, I personally try to concentrate on Pre-War Ashes Matches, England v West Indies, India, South Africa and New Zealand plus some of the County Championship Clubs, where many of the legendary test player’s have emanated from, in my collection I have examples of Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, MCC, Sussex, Surrey, Worcester, Lancashire and Yorkshire autographed match used bats

    It is important that Autographed Cricket bats are related to memorable events, legendary players and successful teams this is why there is so much demand for Ashes test match memorabilia.

    I am currently interested in autographs and Cricket Memorabilia associated with the 1932/33 Bodyline series.

    Signed Cricket Bats which have recently come available from private collections or sales include rare examples from the England v Australia series 1932/33.(note Bradman was missing in the 1st Test at Sydney due to illness) Below is a detailed list of matches played during the series compiled by cricinfo


    Fri Oct 21 - Mon Oct 24 Western Australia v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth
    Thu Oct 27 - Sat Oct 29 Australian XI v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth
    Fri Nov 4 - Tue Nov 8 South Australia v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Adelaide Oval
    Fri Nov 11 - Mon Nov 14 Victoria v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Melbourne Cricket Ground
    Fri Nov 18 - Tue Nov 22 Australian XI v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Melbourne Cricket Ground
    Fri Nov 25 - Tue Nov 29 New South Wales v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Sydney Cricket Ground
    Fri Dec 2 - Wed Dec 7 1st Test - Australia v England
    Sydney Cricket Ground
    Fri Dec 16 - Mon Dec 19 Tasmania v Marylebone Cricket Club
    North Tasmania Cricket Association Ground, Launceston
    Fri Dec 23 - Mon Dec 26 Tasmania v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Tasmania Cricket Association Ground, Hobart
    Fri Dec 30 - Tue Jan 3 2nd Test - Australia v England
    Melbourne Cricket Ground
    Fri Jan 13 - Thu Jan 19 3rd Test - Australia v England
    Adelaide Oval
    Thu Jan 26 - Sat Jan 28 New South Wales v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Sydney Cricket Ground
    Wed Feb 1 - Thu Feb 2 Queensland Country v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Showground, Toowoomba
    Sat Feb 4 - Tue Feb 7 Queensland v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
    Fri Feb 10 - Thu Feb 16 4th Test - Australia v England
    Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
    Sat Feb 18 - Tue Feb 21 Northern New South Wales v Marylebone Cricket Club
    No 1 Sports Ground, Newcastle
    Thu Feb 23 - Tue Feb 28 5th Test - Australia v England
    Sydney Cricket Ground
    Fri Mar 3 - Tue Mar 7 Victoria v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Melbourne Cricket Ground
    Fri Mar 10 - Tue Mar 14 South Australia v Marylebone Cricket Club
    Adelaide Oval  Compiled by cricinfo

    Any cricket memorabilia associated with this series will always be in demand by collectors and fans alike.

    Modern day signed Cricket bats are far more readily available, it has become popular for Test Cricketer to carry out signings where a large number of bats may be autographed in one session many used for charitable purposes, these bats can make great additions to a portfolio and in time will increase in rarity value however for the moment I am sticking with seeking out the pre-war and early to mid-fifties examples.

    Good luck with your collecting

    Let me know how you get on??

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia




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  • Jim Laker Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on April 29, 2012 by Selby


    Cricket Memorabilia – Autographed Team sheets, Signed Scorecards, Real Press Photos, Tour Brochures, Autographed Bats, Cricket Collectables.

    Jim Laker Cricket Memorabilia is often sold as reprinted material; genuine original items are relatively scarce and are becoming sought after by collectors of Cricketana.

    Jim Laker (1922 – 1988) was a master of spin bowling who played in 46 Test Matches in the late 1940s and 1950s taking 193 Test wickets at 21.24. During his First Class career he played for Surrey CCC taking 1944 wickets at an average of 18.41.

    Of his many Cricket achievements one which particularly stands out is the occasion at Old Trafford in 1956 when Jim took 19 Australian wickets in one Test Match. Having been run out for 3 runs in the 1st innings he set about the Australian batsman leaving only Ray Lindwall at the crease (Jim Burke was bowled by Tony Lock, Leics, Surrey).

    In the 2nd innings Australian skipper Ian Johnson was the only man left standing at the wicket. Not surprisingly England won the match by an innings and 173 runs.

    JC Laker was born in Shipley West Yorkshire; in his early cricketing days he showed a preference for pace bowling rather than the slow off spin which would make him a household name.

    Showing a keen interest in Cricket Jim attended Herbert Sutcliffe’s indoor Cricket nets at Headingley He soon became a member of the Saltaire Cricket Club playing in the Bradford League, at his stage Jim was better known for his batting than his wicket taking.

    Stationed in the Middle East at the beginning of WW2, with the Royal Army Ordinance Corps Jim found himself in the company of other notable Cricketers and was soon playing matches between representative service sides with the encouragement of Norman Yardley. Returning from his overseas duties he was billeted in Catford London where he joined the local Cricket Club, it is interesting that from his days at the indoor nets at Headingley the natural progression for one showing Jim’s Cricket talents would have been a trial for Yorkshire CCC however having made an impression at Catford that enviable opportunity was afforded to Surrey CCC who signed him as a professional in 1946. His debut for Surrey was at the Oval where he was selected to play the Combined Services in July 1946 in the company of names such as Voce, Bedser, Shirreff and Watts, Jim scored 3 runs and took 3 wickets in the 1st innings, followed by 3 wickets and a catch in the 2nd innings, it was a good start.

    Any Cricket Memorabilia from these early days is always very collectable I personally have not come across any prior to his First Class debut.


    I have listed below some of the more memorable events in his career from which Cricket Collectables are sought after:

    The first match I have listed is his test debut in Barbados.

    1948 West Indies v England at Kensington Oval Bridgetown, 1st innings 7/103. Match drawn. The skipper was Ken Cranston standing in for Gubby Allen who was injured whilst sailing to the island.

    1948 England v Australia at Nottingham 1st innings (Barnes,Morris,Miller,Johnson) 4/138) couldn’t stop Bradman making 138, Hassett 137, Australia won by 8 wickets.

    1951 England v South Africa, Kennington Oval.

    1956 England v Australia at Old Trafford, 9/37 and 10/53 in the 2nd innings – Harvey, Mackay Maddocks, Johnson all went for ducks, plus 4 more players including Miller in the 2nd innings.

    Laker ended the Australian first innings with 7 wickets for 8 runs in 22 balls.

    Any joint signatures from County Championship matches with his team mate Tony Lock are rare but great finds if you come across them. If they are authentic buy them. The two spin bowlers made a formidable partnership which helped win the County Championship on seven consecutive occasions.


    Full name

    James Charles Laker


    9 February 1922


    23 April 1986 (aged 64)

    Batting style


    Bowling style

    Right arm off break

    International information

    National side


    Test debut (cap 328)

    21 January 1948 v West Indies

    Last Test

    18 February 1959 v Australia

    Domestic team information



    1962–1964 Essex
    1946–1959 Surrey
    1951–1952 Auckland

    Career statistics





    46 450

    Runs scored

    676 7,304

    Batting average

    14.08 16.60


    0/2 2/18

    Top score

    63 113

    Balls bowled

    12,027 101,370


    193 1,944

    Bowling average

    21.24 18.41

    5 wickets in innings

    9 127

    10 wickets in match

    3 32

    Best bowling

    10/53 10/53


    12/– 270/–

    Source: CricketArchive, 7 January 2009


    Good luck with your collecting

    Do let me know how you get on??

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Keith Miller Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on April 28, 2012 by Selby


    The Golden Boy of Cricket – Cricket Memorabilia – Tour Brochures, Mono Photos, Real Postcards, Team Autograph Sheets, Scorecards – The best Aussie all-rounder ever.

    Keith Ross Miller (1919 – 2004) was a charismatic all round Australian Test Cricketer, an exceptional right hand batsman who would later become noted for his fast bowling talents.

    Cricket Memorabilia associated with Miller is available, although it's certainly not as prolific as that originating from other players. I personally collect Memorabilia both pre and post war and am always interested in original Keith Miller Cricket Collectables. Early events are always of interest especially his early successes in the Sheffield Shield Competition; however after a brief description of the man himself, I shall list the memorable events that I find the most appealing from a Collectors point of view.

    Keith Miller was born in Melbourne, he showed an early interest in Cricket and was selected for his school 1st eleven when he was 14, by 1936 he was playing for South Melbourne where his evident talents came to the attention of the Victoria Cricket Association, playing for the Colts in the 1936/37 season.

    Miller continued to make his mark in the Shield Competition whist performing well on the football pitch in the VFL competition playing for St Kilda. He made his First Class Cricket debut for Victoria v Tasmania in February 1938 marking the event by scoring 181 runs in the 1st innings at Melbourne Cricket Club. There is a limited amount of memorabilia commemorating this important debut event.

    In 1941 Miller joined the RAAF; he was awarded his wings in 1942. He spent most of the war in England assigned to 169 Squadron where he graduated to flying Mosquito bombers. He was awarded a number of military distinctions.

    At the end of the War in 1945 Miller took part in a number Victory tests, these matches are excellent for Cricket Memorabilia enthusiasts and I have listed below ones of particular interest:

    1945 England v Dominions at Lords (2nd innings 185 Caught Langridge bowled Wright)

    Batting on eight occasions at Lords in the 1945 season Miller scored 568 (94.68) including three 100s, all these early matches are very collectable as is his First Class debut in February 1938.

    Millers first Ashes Test was at Brisbane and I have listed below a number of good examples of Cricket Memorabilia which is associated with some events:

    1946 (Debut Ashes) Australia v England at Brisbane (1st innings 79 runs, lbw a leg break from Doug Wright, followed with a 60/7 wickets. Bradman made 187) Australia won by an innings and 332 runs.

    1946 Sheffield Shield Victoria v NSW, 1st inning run out for 153.

    1947 Australia v England at Adelaide 1st innings 141 not out,( Bradman an unlightly duck) match drawn.

    1948  MCC v Australia at Lords

    1948 England v Australia  at Headingley.

    Any of the 1948 Invincible tour - an excellent acquisition.

    1950 Sheffield Shield Victoria v Queensland both innings.

    1950 Australia v England at Sydney.

    There are many instances of collectable matches including some notable matches, England v West Indies (155) and his final Ashes tour in 1956, I would personally be interested in any Keith Miller Cricket Memorabilia.

    He played his final Test Match in 1956 against Pakistan.

    In 1956 Keith Miller became a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services to Cricket.

    In 2005 he became a Member of the Order of Australia for services to sport.

    Listed below are statistics of his First Class Cricket Career:

    Batting and fielding averages cricinfo



































    Bowling averages








































    Good luck with your collecting.

    Let me know how you get on??

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Ray Lindwall Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on April 25, 2012 by Selby


    The Invincibles Aussie Fast bowler who took 114 wickets in 29 Tests - Cricket Memorabilia - Official scorecards, Autograph Sheets, Photos; Tour Brochures are all in demand by Cricketana enthusiasts.

    Australian Ray Lindwall (1921 – 1996) was regarded by many as the ultimate opening pace bowler, with all the attributes required to compete at the highest level, in swingers, out swingers, subtle pace changes, searing yorkers and intimidating bouncers were all part of his arsenal. Lindwall was a fast scoring batsman in fact the complete all-rounder.

    Ray Lindwall was born in 1921 in Sydney New South Wales, he showed an early interest in Sport especially Rugby and Cricket, and encouraged by his headmaster at Marist Brothers Kogarah secondary school he soon joined the school eleven where he had many successes as a schoolboy.

    It is said that he got his initial inspiration from watching the England side playing in the 1st Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground in December 1932. England’s fast bowler Harold Larwood took 5 wickets in the 1st innings and 5 for 28 runs in the 2nd innings, however this did not stop Stan McCabe scoring 187 not out in the 1st innings. This series became known as Bodyline owing to intimidatory bowling by the Tourists.

    On leaving school he joined the St George Club competing in Sydney Grade Cricket at the Hurtsville Oval, by December 1938 he was playing in the 1st team.

    Much of Lindwall’s early success came on the Rugby pitch, in the winter of 1940 he was playing fullback in the Rugby League premiership for St George, this came to an unexpected end due to events at Pearl Harbour. Ray Lindwall enlisted in the Military serving in New Guinea until the end of WW2 in 1945.

    Following the War Lindwall did play 31 first grade Rugby League games for St George before retiring from competitive rugby at the end of the 1946 season following his teams defeat in the Grand Final against Balmain.

    Ray Lindwall Rugby Memorabilia from 1940 -46 is scarce and would be of interest to me as I have only come across few examples i.e. signed St George programme, more examples would be welcomed.

    In 1941 Lindwall made his debut in First Class Cricket at the age of 20, he was selected to play against Queensland at Brisbane, during an inauspicious 1st innings Lindwall took one catch and bowled 36/3, he batted at number 10 scoring 1 and 10 runs respectively, Bill O’Reilly a medium pace spin bowler in fact took 10 wickets in the match.

    Lindwall resumed his Cricket in 1945 when NSW played Victoria, batting at no 9 he scored 134 in 175 minutes not out while Sid Barnes opening the batting scored 154. His bowling was consistent throughout the season accordingly he was selected for the Australian tour of New Zealand making his Test debut at Wellington in March 1946. He bowled 13/1 in the 1st innings in which NZ only managed a total of 42 runs, in the 2nd innings Larwood bowled 16/1, (his batting resulted in a duck) Australia won by an innings and 103 runs. When Larwood was not taking wickets he could certainly contain the runs,

    In many cases I would attempt to restrict my collection to pre-war examples but in the case of Lindwall most of his success came after the war ended in 1945 so I have listed below specific matches that I would be personally interested in as a collector.

    When viewing Cricket Memorabilia I tend to link the Cricketer with a memorable match event or series, accordingly my list reflects this, Lindwall opening partnerships with Keith Miller are legendary they emerged as an attacking opening partnership in the 1947/48 test series against England and of course to find an event scorecard, programme, brochure, photograph signed by both players is even better!!


    1947 Australia v England at Melbourne 2nd innings 100 runs off 90 balls, bowled Alec Bedser, caught Cyril Washbrook.

    1947   Australia v England at Sydney 1st innings 7/63 – Hutton was injured on 122 runs Australia win by 5 wickets.

    1948 Australia v India at Adelaide 2nd innings 7/38 (1st innings Barnes 112, Bradman 201 ,Hassett 198). Australia wins by an innings and 16 runs.

    1948 England v Australia at Lords 5/70 Australia win by 409 runs.

    1948 England v Australia at the Oval 1st innings 6/20 England all out for 52 runs. Australia win by an innings and 149 runs.

    1948 Nottingham at Trent Bridge 6/14 match drawn

    Any Ray Lindwall Memorabilia associated with the 1948 and 1953 tour to England is very collectable.

    Below I have listed some Lindwall statistics which demonstrate the attributes of the great all-rounder.


    Full name

    Raymond Russell Lindwall


    3 October 1921
    Mascot, New South Wales, Australia


    23 June 1996 (aged 74)
    Brisbane, Australia


    1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

    Batting style

    Right-hand batsman

    Bowling style

    Right-arm fast



    International information

    National side


    Test debut (cap 165)

    29 March 1946 v England

    Last Test

    28 January 1960 v India

    Domestic team information



    1941/42–1953/54 New South Wales
    1954/55–1959/60 Queensland

    Career statistics





    61 228

    Runs scored

    1,502 5,042

    Batting average

    21.15 21.82


    2/5 5/19

    Top score

    118 134*

    Balls bowled

    13,650 42,970


    228 794

    Bowling average

    23.03 21.35

    5 wickets in innings

    12 34

    10 wickets in match


    Best bowling

    7/38 7/20


    26/– 123/–

    Source: CricketArchive, 27 December 2007


    On his retirement from First Class Cricket in 1960 Ray was a beneficiary of the NSWCA retired player benefit plan, the same year he was given life membership of the MCC

    In 1965 he received the MBE for his services to Cricket,  he was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of fame in 1996

    Ray Lindwall has written two books “Flying Stumps” in 1954 (some signed copies are still available) and “The Challenging Tests” in 1961, I do not personally have either book in signed form and am on the lookout to find good examples.

    Good luck with your collecting.

    Let me know how you get on?

    Tony Selby
    Cricket Memorabilia

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