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  • Ireland march on

    Posted on September 22, 2011 by Selby

    Another excellent performance by Ireland at Clontarf in the one day ICC on Tuesday against Canada, fortunately the rain kept off, Ireland are on a roll and Porterfields decision to bat seems to have paid off 3 times on the trot now so that’s 8 points from their opening 4 games well done.

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  • Sri Lanka

    Posted on September 21, 2011 by Selby

    Encouraging to see Michael Clarke score his first test century against Sri Lanka, as Test captain, what a great start for him & a spirited 7/157 from Rangana Herath.It will be Interesting to see what happens in Cape town and Jo’berg .

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  • Barry Sheene Memorabilia

    Posted on September 21, 2011 by Selby

    Barry Sheene memorabilia is something special as he is regarded as a colourful charismatic racer who defined the ‘70s era when he seemed unbeatable on the racetrack.
    Barry a former British world champion, Grand Prix motorcycle racer was born in London 1950 he tragically died in Australia in in 2003 following a short illness.
    He was awarded the MBE in 1978.
    Many will remember the iconic photographs, some of which I have in my collection, of Barry and James Hunt together at various events, James having won the 1976 formula one world motor racing championship in Japan. Many of these photos are part of a hand signed presentation.
    Barry holds the enviable position as the only rider to win Grand Prix races in both the 50cc and 500cc categories.
    Barry Sheene memorabilia from any of his Grand Prix events is very collectable particularly in the years 1976/77.
    He began his Grand Prix career in 1970 racing a 125cc Suzuki in the Spanish Grand Prix his first Grand Prix win came the following year in Belgian.
    In 1973 he won the formula 750cc, in both 1976 and 1977 he won the 500cc motorcycle championships.
    On his retirement he worked as a motorsport television commentator down under where he also pursued his property development interests.

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  • Rugby world cup

    Posted on September 19, 2011 by Selby

    Impressive performance, well done Ireland 15/6 over the Wallabies, let’s see the same again with Russia and Italy in the final two pool games, hope Paul O'Connell and Gordon D'Arcy will both be fit.

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  • Diego Maradona football memorabilia

    Posted on September 13, 2011 by Selby

    Diego Maradona Football Memorabilia is very collectable especially hand signed shirts, shorts, boots, caps and other apparel.

    Diego (1960)born in a shanty town outside Buenos Aires is regarded by many  as the most talented football player of all time, he is also one of the sport’s most controversial players having been suspended a number of times over headline making allegations

    It was as a youngster at his local club Estrella Roja that Diego first began to attract attention with his complete mastery of the ball, and his adaptability whether heading dribbling or tackling left or right foot.

    Diego began his professional career with Argentinos Juniors on his sixteenth birthday, having got off to a dazzling start he went on to become voted South American Player of the Year in 1979.

    Three years later he signed a record transfer fee to Barcelona and made his non auspicious world cup debut at Estadio Nou Camp.

    It was to be the controversial World Cup of 1986 that became synonymous with Maradona he scored 5 goals in the series 2 against England the first goal which is still debated today was deflected from his hand becoming known as the “hand of god.

    The second goal was the result of a dazzling display reminiscent of George Best in the 80s where Diego ran rings round 6 players leaving them wondering what had happened.

    1982 joined Barcelona they win league, league cup and super league

    1984 joins Napoli more cup titles and in 1989 a UEFA cup

    1990 captained Argentina in world cup final lost to Germany in Italy

    Maradona played his farewell match in November of 2001.

    If any readers have any interesting authentic Diego Maradona football memorabilia from the above mentioned events I would be interested to hear from them.

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  • Lee Trevino Golf Memorabilia

    Posted on September 11, 2011 by Selby

    There will always be a demand for Lee Trevino Golf Memorabilia; he is renowned as a true legend of the game.

    Lee (b 1939) a professional American golfer is remembered for his incredible style of play and his showmanship on the course, his swing would often appear awkward and then at the critical moment his body would be perfectly coordinated, I well remember his amazing short game occasionally he would shout "don't move, hole!'' when he'd hit an iron at the pin, his shots were just amazing and made for fantastic viewing.

    His career began on the PGA tour in 1967, the following year he won the US open at Oak Hill.

    He continued his stunning performances from that point on, building and consolidating his reputation when in 1971 in the period of a month he won three major’s the US Open, the Canadian Open and the British Open.

    Whist playing in the Western Open in Chicago in 1975 he had the misfortune to be struck by lightning, his spine was damaged but after several operations he was back on the practise ground.

    Trevino went on win the Canadian open twice prior to winning the US PGA trophy in 1984.

    During his career Trevino won 29 times on the PGA Tour adding 6 Majors to his impressive list of wins.

    Lee Trevino golf memorabilia from any of the 6 majors which he won would make an excellent addition to any collection.

    He co-authored his autobiography, titled They Call Me Super Mex.

    In 1981he was inducted into the World Golf Hall Of Fame


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  • Fred Trueman Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on September 7, 2011 by Selby

    I recently acquired several examples of Fred Trueman Cricket memorabilia from a private collector in Yorkshire, which was indeed his home county.

    Fred(1931-2006) Yorks, England, fast bowler, represented England in 67 test matches notably taking over 300 wickets, which he reached at the Oval in  1964.

    In the second half of the 50s teamed with his fellow opener Brian Statham the two cricketing heroes made a formidable new ball partnership.

    The Trueman era began 1951 when he hit the headlines taking 8 for 68 against Notts and in the return match at Trent Bridge 8 for 53, His very quick bowling style included outswing inswing and he was a master of the swinging Yorker.

    On his retirement from first class cricket in 1969 a natural raconteur, he became a popular speaker on the after dinner circuit, known for his mixture of coarse jokes and humorous tales, he became part of the TV show Indoor League and had a regular feature column in a Sunday newspaper

    Controversial in his public life he was certainly very decisive when in action on the field.

    Fred Trueman cricket memorabilia that I acquired is listed below:

    MCC tour of the West Indies 1953/54 hand signed Fred Trueman framed presentation

    Yorks 1955 a hand signed presentation, from a season where Fred took 153 wickets at an average of 16 runs.

    Yorks 1959 a hand signed photo taken when they won the championship outright Fred taking 140 wickets in his 30 first class appearances, lots of catches as well.

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  • Rugby Memorabilia

    Posted on September 5, 2011 by Selby

    Rugby memorabilia originating from historic matches, talented colourful players and unforgettable moments is always sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, demand tends to increase at the time of a World Cup series and during Internationals; however this would equally apply to collectables from Test Cricket at Lords, Wimbledon Tennis and Masters Golf.

    Lots of people attend Rugby matches both Union and League, some lucky ones get to participate in the game. It is important to understand the divisions of Rugby Union and Rugby League

    A perception of class division between Rugby Union and Rugby League has been seen in the past with Rugby Union regarded as the middle class gentleman’s game where the players do not require or often need financial recompense and Rugby League a professional league where things are run on a more commercial basis with all expenses and wages paid to the players.

    Way back in 1895 the RFU who supported strict amateurism, in their wisdom expelled 12 Northern clubs over allegations of financial inducements; these clubs formed the independent Northern Union later to become the Rugby Football League.

    Over the years the laws of Rugby League Football gradually changed which has led to a faster flow of play which is both spectator friendly and entertaining. However for many including myself Rugby Union will always be the game of choice.

    Rugby League memorabilia is very popular in the Southern Hemisphere whereas Rugby Union collectables are the preferred choice in the majority of other rugby playing countries, however the serious collector will usually consider carefully selected Rugby Union collectables as his first choice.

    The collector should pay particular attention to Rugby memorabilia associated with the All Blacks, British Lions, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and South Africa.

    Some of the rugby memorabilia I have collected over the years has originated from the following examples:

    Barbarians victory over the All Blacks at Cardiff Arms Park in 1973.

    The Irish win at the atmospheric Thormond Park against the All Blacks, it was their only defeat during the 1978 tour.

    The 1954 British Lions tour of Australia and New Zealand when the Lions won the two Test matches against Australia then lost the Internationals against the All Blacks.

    Lots of other sought after all Blacks collectables including Sean Fitzpatrick, Byron Kelleher and Ian Hurst

    Rugby League memorabilia would include Warrington Wolves, Wigan Warriors,, Harlequins, Leeds Rhinos, St Helens, Widnes and Salford

    . With all rugby memorabilia  it is important to consider age and condition, match worn rugby attire, boots, shirts, programmes, tickets and signed rugby balls from memorable events are always sought after, as are dinner menus, blazers, mono sepia photographs pictures and ceramics.

    When purchasing signed collectibles the buyer should take great care to establish authenticity, I recently wrote an article “rare autographs real or fake” it contains useful advice on purchasing signed sports memorabilia.

    Rugby memorabilia can be a great investment and a worthwhile hobby; I think that carefully selected examples will always appreciate in value whilst having the tangible benefit of reliving the memories.

    Tony Selby



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  • Stanley Mathews football memorabilia

    Posted on September 2, 2011 by Selby

    Sir Stanley Mathews (1915-2000) football memorabilia is highly sought after especially hand signed photos, pictures, autographs, football programmes, signed presentations, signed footballs,  football attire and medals. An example would be the sale of his football boots worn when Blackpool overcame Bolton Wanderers in the 1953 cup final, the match worn boots were sold at auction by Bonhams for £38.400.

    Mathews continued playing top level football until the age of 50; he was inducted into the football hall of fame2002 to honour his contribution to English football, which is not surprising as he was one of the most famous players of his generation if not of all time.

    . Having made his international debut for England in 1934 He spent his pre and post years playing first division football initially signing for  Stoke City  in 1932, post war in 1947/48 he joined Blackpool FC. In 1957 he was awarded the CBE, in 1965 the year he received his Knighthood he also played his final football league match.

    He played for England a total of 54 times.

    His football biography “the way it was” released in 2000 if personally signed is a very collectable item of football memorabilia.

    Should the reader have any hand signed football memorabilia I would always be pleased to hear from you.


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  • Andre Agassi Tennis memorabilia

    Posted on September 1, 2011 by Selby


    Andre Agassi  tennis memorabilia is always in demand.

    As former  world no 1, American Tennis  legend Andre Agassi has won eight Grand Slam singles tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles.

    He is the only player in the open era to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments to have won the ATP tour world championships, have been part of a winning Davis Cup team, and to have won an Olympic gold medal.

    Andre won in total 60 career titles including 17 ATP Masters Series tournaments, which is more than any other player.

    I recently attended a sports memorabilia auction and was fortunate to purchase several Andre Agassi collectibles amongst which was a signed presentation from his final match, the plaque has a quote from his speech.

    ”The scoreboard said I lost today, but what the scoreboard doesn’t say is what I have found. And over the last 21 years, I have found loyalty. You have pulled me on the court and also in life. I’ve found inspiration. You have willed me to succeed sometimes even in my lowest moments. And I’ve found generosity. You have given me your shoulders to stand on and reach my dreams, dreams I could never have reached without you. Over the last 21 years, I have found you. And I will take you and the memory of you with me for the rest of my life. Thank you”

    There are a number of other Agassi tennis memorabilia items available and any one of them would be a welcome addition to a sports memorabilia collection.


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