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Athletics memorabilia

We have an extensive stock of athletics memorabilia including collectables and rare autographs from the olympic games, track athletics and field athletics.

  • New Google Group - Sports Memorabilia

    Posted on October 28, 2011 by Selby

    Tony Selby has recently created a New Google Group Sports memorabilia
    The primary objective of this New Google Group is to promote interest in the collection and valuation of Authentic Sports Collectables especially Cricket, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Baseball, Motor Racing, Tennis, Snooker and much more.
    Collecting Sports Memorabilia is a hobby/small business that is becoming ever popular and within this growing community we aim to become a forum for members where fellow collectors can exchange information, ask questions give opinions, offer to value, purchase or sell their collectables.
    We hope to include information about forthcoming sales, realised prices and exchange images of interesting items from all areas of Sports Memorabilia . Our members will be encouraged to contribute articles and hopefully attend informal 6 monthly meetings at which interesting Collectables can be exhibited.
    Anyone who is interested in Sports Collectables is welcome to join this New Google Group and participate from the beginning in establishing what should become an interesting and worthwhile Focal Point.
    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Roger Bannister Athletics Memorabilia

    Posted on October 10, 2011 by Selby

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Roger Bannister Athletic Memorabilia
    Sir Roger Bannister (1929) is the person forever synonymous with the breaking of the famous 4 minute mile and that was achieved on a cinder track in adverse weather conditions.
    Athletics ‘ memorabilia is always in demand with particular interest in Olympics memorabilia, one special period of interest would be the 1952 Olympics, I am always interested in purchasing for example presentations, race attire, hand signed photos, programmes, tickets, medals and other Olympic paraphernalia along with sports memorabilia from athletic track and field events.
    Bannister has carried out a number of signings notably one for the Irish Milers club at the City West Hotel Dublin.

    Roger was born in England and attended Harrow the public school situated in North West London prior to Oxford University. I mention his attendance at school and college as both institutions have always held, encouraged and supported amateur athletic events. (In 1953 the Surrey school Athletic Association introduced the mile race to its programme of events).
    Although a tremendous achievement at the time and in the circumstances, the mile is nowadays occasionally run in less than 4 minutes by top track athletes. Training in the late 1940s early 1950s was considered light compared to modern day standards, and then there are all sorts of other considerations such as kit, diet, motivational aspects etc.
    Bannister’s running career began whilst at Oxford in 1946 it was there after noticeable improvements in his running times that he began to train seriously, he set his sights on the 1952 Olympic games to be held in Helsinki, Bannister now training at an international level, his times improving, his confidence heightened, although finishing in fourth place set a British record in the 1500m.
    Following his 1952 Olympics efforts, Bannister considered giving up running however fortunately instead he set himself a new goal: To beat the four minute mile. To achieve this he drew up a concerted training programme which would require all of his perseverance and concentration, fitting this in with his medical studies at St Mary’s Hospital medical school took a lot of time management and dedication.
    His first attempt at the four minute mile was at Oxford in 1953 when he was paced by the now famous track athlete Chris Chataway, who was later to establish his own career. This was the race where Bannister realised that the four minute mile was just possibly within his reach.
    Bannister was not the only athlete at this time who was attempting to break the four minute mile, American Wes Santee and Australian John Landy were both competing around the 4.02 mark, Bannister who closely followed Landy’s efforts became concerned that the athlete would succeed with each attempt and realised that he had to make his record breaking attempt soon.
    On May 6th 1954 at Oxford competing for the British Amateur Athletic Associating in front of a few thousand spectators Roger Bannister made history, in the company of Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway he broke the 4 minute barrier achieving a time of 3.59.4, at the age of 25 Bannister had made history.
    Bannister was knighted in in 1975 for his service to Sport England.
    Sports memorabilia from the 1954 event is sought after and there is only a limited amount available I am fortunate to have a hand signed photo of Bannister at the event.
    Tony Selby
    Sports memorabilia

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  • Olympic swimming memorabilia

    Posted on August 29, 2011 by Selby

    Duncan Goodhew Olympic swimming memorabilia would compliment any collector's portfolio.

    It was at Millfield public school that Duncan met professional coach Paddy Garrett who soon took an interest in his swimming abilities. Duncan went on to represent GB at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

    In 1980 as captain of the GB swim team at the politically controversial Moscow Olympics he won his Gold Medal in the 100 M breast stroke and Bronze in the 4 x 100 M medley.

    He became a national hero and a household name; he was awarded the MBE for services to sport in 1981

    Duncan is a highly regarded motivational speaker and as president of the Swimathon campaign has raised millions for charities since its inception in 1988.

    His marketing company is not surprisingly at the forefront of sports events management.

    He has written an informative book drawn from his own life experiences Sink or Swim.

     Sought after Swimming memorabilia includes framed presentations, hand signed autographs, programmes, first day covers, medals, bands and swim attire. (caps).

    I have been fortunate to recently acquire framed memorabilia collectibles  and autographs featuring, Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Duncan Goodhew, Adrian Moorhouse, Johnny Weissmuller and Sharron Davies.

    I would be delighted to hear from anyone who may have  prewar collectibles such as Malcolm Champion, Harold Hardwick, Norman Wainwright, Dr Sammy Lee and many more……

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  • Adrian Moorhouse Sports Memorabilia

    Posted on June 29, 2011 by Selby

    This is an Olympics games blog

    Adrian David Moorhouse sports memorabilia is big demand, the British former olympics swimmer was born in Bradford in 1964, he won the 100 m breaststroke gold medal at the Seoul Olympics
    He broke the national junior records for both the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke in 1980 when he was selected for the England junior team.
    He was 15 when he was chosen for the national senior squad, his position was to be number two to Duncan Goodhew the gold medalist.
    In 1981 He became Britain’s no 1 breastroke swimmer, the following year he won gold in the 100m breastroke at the commonwealth games in Australia
    Adrian Morehouse had an exciting rivalry throughout his career with the Canadian Victor Davis.
    We currently have in stock a superb item of signed it is a colourful sports memorabilia first Day of Issue cover, stamped MAY 2nd 1996, and personally signed by the swimming legend, Adrian Moorhouse, who was an Olympic Champion in 1988.

    Adding to the cover is the addition of replica Olympic Gold Medal that is mounted on the front next to an image of the subject in Olympic action.

    So look in our  memorabilia section for plenty of good offers

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