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Cricket memorabilia

Our extensive range of cricket memorabilia includes, hand signed cricket programmes,rare autographs, signed cricket bats, cricket wickets, cricket scorecards, cricket photos, We stock Don Bradman collectibles,as well as a complete selection of Ashes cricket Memorabilia, England, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan. Many of our cricket collectables are framed or they are offered in original authentic condition

  • Sachin Tendulkar

    Posted on March 26, 2012 by Selby

    Sachin Tendulkar is an excellent ambassador of Indian Cricket since going in at the deep end against Pakistan in '89, he is surely one of the greatest batsmen ever as statistics show he is the only cricketer to score a hundred centuries in international the many memorable is his astonishing double century for Mumbai playing against the touring Australians at the Brabourne Stadium in 1998.

    Interesting read in the attached article Times of India

    Tony Selby



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  • England Cricket

    Posted on March 22, 2012 by Selby


    Strauss and Trott have put England back in with a good chance over Sri Lanka Development X1, SL lead of 203
    Good to see Strauss batting well again hopefully this development will ease pressure on front line bowling selection for first test on Monday.

    Tony Selby
    cricket memorabilia

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  • Sri Lanka Cricket

    Posted on March 21, 2012 by Selby




    what an amazing score 376/5 by sri lanka development scheme on day 1 of the tour match seems like the high humidity and temp are working in sri lanka's favour, well done Broad 3/55, should be an interesting day

    Tony Selby

    cricket memorabilia

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  • Ireland Cricketers make up for Rugby let down

    Posted on March 19, 2012 by Selby


    Four in a row for IRE with things looking up for twenty2good 17 run defeat of Scotland in Dubai!!!!

    Tony Selby

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  • West Indies Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on February 8, 2012 by Selby

    West Indies Cricket Memorabilia
    The Caribbean Islands are home to Crickets most illustrious team, “The Windies.” So many talented Cricketers have represented the West Indies creating an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to build a portfolio of West Indies Cricket Memorabilia.
    Interesting Cricket Collectables which are currently sought after include, Autographs, Tour Brochures, Pictures, Dinner Menus, Cricket programmes, Scorecards, Signed Cricket Bats, Real Photo Postcards, handwritten material and more recently Presentations and Montages. Many of these authentic items are available at Auction Houses or through our own Cricket Memorabilia online shop.
    Early beginnings:
    Inter Colonial Cricket matches had been played on the islands from as far back as 1865, In that same year Barbados are reported have defeated British Guiana (Demerara) at Garrison Savannah in Bridgetown dismissing Demerara for 22 and 38 respectively. In 1884 a number of neighbouring islands in the Caribbean decided to put together a Cricket side with a view to Touring the US and Canada. Two years later a newly formed West Indies Cricket Team made its first overseas tour. The tour which started in Montreal visited Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Won 6, lost 5, drew 2. From there it was on to the USA where they played three matches versus Philadelphia, who were regarded as a more experienced side, having played a number of International matches, only the previous year in 1885 defeating an England eleven led by EJ Sanders by 109 runs.
    Despite an 18 run win at Longwood Cricket Club playing 12 per side, the tourists were defeated in the 7 match series which included an 8 wicket loss on Staten Island not helped by CJP Wilsons bowling: 4 for 7 off nine overs.
    Sports correspondents from the Philadelphia News reported the Tourists as outclassed.
    In 1894/5 an amateur England side led by R Slade Lucas contested 16 matches in the Caribbean. Travelling out with compliments of the Royal Mail Packet Company, sailing on the Medway the visitors rested on the 12 day voyage to Bridgetown before being made welcome by Cricket clubs on a number of neighbouring Caribbean islands. Cricket Memorabilia from this tour including photographs of the Medway signed by the Team are good examples of sought after collectables.
    The tour results:
    10 won, 4 lost, 2 drawn was the final tally for the tour however of the 8 first class matches 4 were won 3 lost.
    Over the next few years a number of International matches where played at home and on tours until finally things were put on a more formal footing with the formation of the West Indies Cricket Board in the 1920s.
    A stronger Barbados team toured England in 1923 led by HBG Austin, winning 12 matches with Barbadian George Challenor (1888 – 1947) scoring 1556 runs in First Class Matches including six centuries. A quote from George’s obituary (age 59) in Wisden “His admirable batting did much toward raising cricket in West Indies to Test match standard". Memorabilia is available from this series and should be collected. George had already toured England in 1906 and would again in 1928.
    The WICB became a full member of the International Cricket Council in 1926 and were granted Test Status in1928. West Indians already passionate about Cricket were about to move up a gear or two.
    The West Indies Cricket Emblem is an unusual welcoming design featuring a palm tree on a tropical island amended in 1999 to include a set of Cricket stumps. It typifies the easy laid back attitude of their splendid players.
    The reason I refer to these early tours is to demonstrate the amount of collectable material available if one looks for it, Cricket Memorabilia from these early Matches especially up to WW2 is very desirable.
    Of particular interest to me to add to my portfolio are the following series:
    1939 West Indies v England third test Oval – Weekes (137), Constantine 5/ 75,( Hutton 165)
    1947/48 West Indies v England – Gubby Allen, Ken Cranston, Jim Laker 7/103
    1950 West Indies v England - Ramadhin, Valentine, Rae,( Worrell 261, Walcott 168) 3/1
    1960/61 West Indies v Australia – Frank Worrell
    1961/62 West Indies v India (5/0) Gibbs, Sobers, Durani
    The best Team in the world: The team formed by Frank Worrell in the early Sixties was regarded between 1962 -67 as the side to beat.
    West Indies Cricket Memorabilia from the above era is particularly attractive as are some of Series I have listed above. My favourite would be 1950 West Indies v England.
    Since the Sixties the West Indies Cricket Team have had many successes and are regarded as the most charismatic team to watch, their competitive spirit, passion for the game, calypso music, bright colours, so much talent and crowd participation make each Test Series exciting, fantastic to watch at Lords and spectacular in the Caribbean.
    Good luck with your collecting
    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Cricket Cap Memorabilia

    Posted on February 7, 2012 by Selby

    Collecting Cricket Memorabilia can be an intriguing pastime, hobby or small business. To be collectable an item must be associated with a famous player, event or achievement, usually Cricket Memorabilia usually consists of Autographs, Bats, Ball, Autographs, Presentations, Scorecards, Tour material, Mono Sepia photos, Real Postcards and so much more. Amongst the many collectable items there is another category Match Worn Attire this includes of course Cricket Cap Memorabilia, Caps are highly sought after especially when they are associated with a Cricketing Legend.

    In 2008 the baggy green cap worn by Don Bradman during the 1948 tour of England was sold at auction in Australia for  approx. £175.000, this startling sum of money paid for match worn attire may give some idea as to the potential value of Cricket Caps. Incidentally a second Cricket Cap issued to DB for the ’48 Tour, which was widely known as the “invincibles” tour, resides in the Bradman Collection Cricket Museum at the Adelaide Oval ( International Cricket Hall of Fame) having been donated by Kevin Truscott.

    A little history

    The term “awarded a cap” infers that a cricket player has been selected for either a School (usually public), County or International Cricket Match, The term originated in the UK in 1886 and applied to football players whose side was identified by the type or colour of headwear worn (probably due to the muddy conditions) in later years as each turnout for a County or International side was recorded the player was classed as capped, accordingly many players were capped a number of times.

    One major difference is that an international Cricket cap is awarded on the player’s debut for his country whilst a county player is only capped when he is considered on merit

    An awarded Cap has a unique number which runs consecutively dependant on the number of players who have received the accolade previously.

    A good and current example is the excellent Indian Test Player Sachin Tendulkar who became the 187th Indian Test Player to represent his Test side when he was first selected, as he has been selected in total on 188 different occasions he has been capped 188 times. Sachin is the first Test Player to score 50 centuries in International Cricket, he is currently languishing on 99 centuries, he was dismissed by Ravi Rampaul caught Darren Sammy at second slip for 94 runs during  third and the final Test match at the Wankhede Stadium.on 22/11/11.

    Other examples:

    Cap number 1 awarded to T Armitage Australia v England at Melbourne 1876/77

    Cap number 24 awarded to WG.Grace England v Australia at the Oval 1880

    Cap number 474 awarded to IT Botham England v Australia at Nottingham 1977

    The most famous cap is the baggy green cricket cap worn by the Australian side, this is instantly recognisable, many cricketers will continue to wear their original cap leading to collectables often looking well worn. The baggy green must have shown signs of wear after the 1932/33 Bodyline Series.

    The series mentioned above would be most collectable, JardineLarwood, Mc Cabe, Sutcliffe, Fingleton, Richardson, Paynter and many more. Bodyline Caps do become available from time to time.

    Cricket Cap Memorabilia is a great investment as some Caps awarded today could be very collectable in the future

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Real Photo Cricket Postcards

    Posted on January 27, 2012 by Selby



    Real Photo Cricket Postcards are very collectable, they are often referred to as RPPC.

    Collecting Real Postcards is a popular hobby and is rated by some as more prevalent than stamp collecting.

    A bit of history

    In the mid-1870s photographers began to use Gelatin dry glass plates coated with a photographic emulsion, this resulted in reduced exposure times and excellent definition. Eastman streamlined the process by supplying machines which would coat the typically glass plates, cutting out a rather messy hand coating application.  The downside was that the resulting image required cropping to make it suitable for Postcards.

    The RPPC originated in 1903 when Kodak began retailing a camera which was designed to eliminate the use of glass plate negatives, the camera a Folding Pocket Kodak 3A was suited to Postcard size film. Typical Postcard size at this time 3 ½”x 5 ½” A couple of years later saw the introduction of pre-printed Postcard backs which allowed images to be created directly from the negative, these became readily available and within a couple of years large numbers of people were sending Real Photo Postcards.

    RPPC show far greater detail and are of a much higher definition than ink based technologies, images shown are unique and therefore in greater demand, this would not be the case with mass produced images.

    Cricket Postcard Memorabilia

    When collecting Cricket Postcard Memorabilia the golden rule is to concentrate on authenticity, an easy way to establish validity is to examine the card with a magnifying glass, if the photo has been printed dots will appear on the image and it is probably a digital copy. If the image is solid that’s fine it has not been printed. There are various ways to date Postcards, a useful point of reference is that the vast majority of cards up to 1900 were of the undivided back variety. From 1905 -15 it was common to see the divided back style in use. Interestingly pre 1907 it was illegal to write on the address side of a Postcard and script would be found on or next to the illustration.

    The years 1898 – 1918 are often referred to the Golden age of Postcard publishing.

    A number of RPPC are marked manufactured by or published by, some names may include Bolland, Hunt, photo work etc. these names are followed by the address of the publisher however often there will be identification markings.

    Wrench (Evelyn) RPPC are dated 1900 -1906 and are marked with an individual serial number. Wrench was very prevalent at the turn of the century so expect to find some.

    It is unfortunately not possible to date Real Photo Cricket Postcards with definitive accuracy unless one can validate any date stamp which may be present. It was common to use silver mix in the emulsion, over time this can be visible under magnification. Ageing of ink and make up of material can also be a more accurate advanced method.

    The rinse and fix process can cause silvering which in time leads to a slight yellowish discolouration of the paper. Certainly most RPPC I have examined have been a brownish sepia shade or put it this way an off-white colouring is usually present on back of the card.

    It is very much a case a buyer beware as there are many reproductions in existence, these will have been printed by a number of more recent methods.

    I have written an article “Rare Autographs Real or Fake” I would suggest reading this prior to making any online purchases, there is an interesting section on autographed photos and far more detail on ink and paper identification.


    RPPC of interest to me

    An antique postcard is generally recognised as one published before World War I.

    Antique Cricket Photos depicting cricket grounds and pavilions, Lords, country house grounds, Eden Gardens, Kennington Oval, Melbourne, Sydney etc.

    Team photographs Pre 1938, India, Australia, West Indies, England

    County Cricket: Worcs, Glos, Old Trafford etc

    Individual players: Pre 1938 and including 1948 Ashes Series.

    Test Matches: India, New Zealand, Pakistan pre 1934, Ashes Series pre 1938 including 1948.

    The above are RPPC currently required for my collection.

    Good luck with your collection.

    Let me know how you get on???

    Tony Selby

     Real Photo Cricket Postcards

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  • India Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on January 15, 2012 by Selby

    India Cricket Memorabilia – C K Nayudu , Polly Umrigar, Kumar Duleepsinhji,  Lala Amarnath, Vinoo Mankad, Sunny Gavaskar, Bishan Singh, Bishan Bedi, Kapil Dev, Gundappa Viswanath  -  Great Cricketers who feature in my Cricket Collection.


    India Test Cricket can be traced back to 1804. India played its first recorded Cricket match at Calcutta, the scorecard and detail appeared in the Calcutta Gazette on 26/1/1804.

    Some Cricket historians regard 1864 as the start of first class Cricket in India when a match is recorded as Madras v Calcutta.

    At this time  Europeans dominated Cricket and allowed  Indians little access to the mainstream game, however in 1885 the prestigious Bombay Gymkhana was established  ( British only Club), two years later the European members agreed to play the Parses.  This event led to other invitations and by 1912 the Bombay quadrangular Tournament which included Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus had become an Annual fixture.

    Cricket and Memorabilia

    There is no official Museum for India Cricket Memorabilia and collectables from these early days are extremely rare, I would be interested to hear any that are part of a collection.

    The first International India v England was played at Lords in 1932 in front of a large crowd of eager spectators, both teams were presented to King George V in front of the pavilion; CK Nayudu Captained the India side his opposite number was Douglas Jardine, both Captains were born in India although Jardine’s parents were Scottish.

    King George will have been pleased to see England win a spirited match by 158 runs.

    This historic event created the worldwide interest shown by millions of supporters of Indian Cricket today: India was now accepted into international Cricket becoming the sixth Cricket team to gain Test status.

    This particular Series is of note to collectors of India Cricket Memorabilia as it was their first overseas Test Match, the following match played in India in 1933 would not have the same significance.

    It is always a good idea to categorise Sports Memorabilia by Pre-war, Post-war and Modern era. I have listed below a number of India Test Matches that would appeal to me as a collector:

    Pre – war

    India only played 4 Tests (32, 33, 34, and 36) all against England, without winning a series though they did get a draw at Eden Gardens Kolkata in Jan 1934, other than 1932, none of any particular significance.

    Post – war 1945 - 1984

    India V England, Chennai, 1952 1st test win great performance by Vinoo Mankad

    India v NZ Chennai 1956, 413 runs in 472 minutes, Openers Vinoo Mankad (231) – Pankaj Roy (173)

    India v England, Chennai 1962, first series win against England

    India v England Oval 1971 first win in 22 tests in England previous 1932

    India v Australia Mumbai 1979

    Cricket world cup 1983 – India v West Indies at Lords ( Kapil Dev dismisses Richards, best catch)

    India v England Mumbai 1984 won by 8 wickets

    Modern (‘80s,90s)

    Since 1985 Many Indian players are highly collectable however ones which are currently of interest to me include

    Mohammed Azharuddin, Dilip Vengsarkar, Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar,  Kapil Dev,  Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Singh Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Azharuddin, Sourav Ganguly .

    A particular match of interest to me is India v Australia 2001, Kolkata, (Laxman 2nd innings)

    There is some excellent  India Cricket Memorabilia available from this Series; I have examples of signed presentations from the 1st and 3rd test and a number of signed programmes, autographs and tour material.

    Cricket auctions are held on fairly frequently at established auction houses, Knights Sports, Bonhams, Christies and Mullock’s,all good examples, items of interest dating back to late 1800s, are  for sale and  include, hand written  letters, tour brochures and voyage photos, hand signed autographs, sepia press photographs, ceramics, ephemera, Cricket pictures, paintings, postcards, autographed  rare books, scorecards (the value is in completed, printed official scorecards) signed Cricket bats and Cricket Match worn attire.

    Pre-war items are more collectable than modern day ones, one reason being the rarity factor. In the Modern era Sports Personalities  tend to carry out signings on a grander scale, whereas in the old days a collectables would be obtained at a match now a celebrity may sign many items of Cricket Memorabilia  at one session making some sporting personalities more prolific than others. The rarity factor is always of prime importance when assessing the value of memorabilia, this applies mainly to modern day Presentations and signed photographs which is not the case when considering rarer Team signed bats, official signed scorecards etc. Often available at auction are signed Dinner Menus and tour material this is still very collectable as only a very limited amount is available.

    I would advise readers to peruse an article I have written called “Rare autographs real of fake” this article will give readers a good insight into establishing the authenticity of India Cricket Memorabilia, especially when purchased online, a sales arena in which the greatest care must be taken to avoid losses and disappointment.

    Good luck collecting.

    Let me know how you get on???

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia








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  • New Zealand Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on January 13, 2012 by Selby


    New Zealand Cricket Memorabilia – Lance Cairns, Richard Hadlee, Stewie Dempster, Martin Crowe, Bert Sutcliffe, Jack Cowie and Jackie Mills all feature in my New Zealand Cricket Memorabilia portfolio. Cricket Collectables from these delightful sporting islands in the Southern Hemisphere, are very good value for money when one considers the higher prices paid for say Ashes Series Memorabilia.
    New Zealand Cricket can be traced back to the mid nineteenth century, there are newspaper records showing a match played between Nelson v Surveyors 1844, it was not until 1860 that National Cricket featured with a match played between Wellington and Auckland.
    Cricket was becoming increasingly popular and New Zealand consolidated its International position in the 1863/64 season when George Parr (Nott’s) brought an All England touring party to Australia, his victorious side then visited NZ where three further wins were recorded.
    The game was put on a more solid footing with the foundation of the New Zealand Cricket Council in 1894 in the same year NZ were defeated by Australia at Lancaster Park in Christchurch. Two internationals v Australia took place in1904/5 on each occasion NZ were easily defeated
    1927 saw the first NZ tour of England and a spark in the NZ side, they played 26 first class matches defeating Worcs, Glamorgan, Somerset and Derbyshire it was their performance in these four matches which led to the granting of Test Status in 1930. These four early wins are interesting areas for the collector and Cricket enthusiast.
    New Zealand Cricket Memorabilia is available from the 1927 tour, as are rare collectable items from 1894/1904. Many Cricket artefacts are housed at the New Zealand Cricket Museum in the Old Grandstand at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. The Museum houses a wealth of Cricketana including many displays and items dating back to the start of NZ Cricket, this is an excellent exhibition to visit, highly recommended and very well laid out.
    New Zealand was granted Test status in 1930. Their first formally recognised Test Match was versus England at Christchurch the same year under the captaincy of Tom Lawry; this match is recognised as a landmark by collectors. England won by eight wickets.
    Cricket auctions are held on a regular basis at established auction houses, Knights Sports, Bonhams, Christies and Mullock’s to name a few, items of interest dating back to late 1800s, are often for sale and would include, hand written signed letters, tour brochures, autographs, sepia press photographs, ceramics, ephemera, pictures, paintings, postcards, books, scorecards (always make a special effort bidding for completed, printed official scorecards) occasionally bats and Cricket attire.
    1956 was an interesting time which saw West Indies winning 3 of the 4 test series, however the fact that NZ led by John Read (top scorer 84 runs) achieved a first Test victory by winning the fourth test by 190 runs, makes the match at Eden Park, Auckland stand out, memorabilia associated with Harry Cave, Don Beard and John Read and Tony MacGibbon is especially attractive to the collector.
    It is always a good idea to categorise Sports Memorabilia by Pre-war, Post-war and Modern eras, a good latter example is the 1985 NZ v Australia Test Series, Richard Hadlee excelled with his fast right arm unpredictable deliveries:
    1st Test at Brisbane, 1st innings 52/9 2nd innings 71/6 NZ win
    2nd Test at Sydney 1st innings 65/5 2nd innings 58/2 Aus. win
    3rd Test at Perth 1st innings 65/5 2nd innings 90/6 NZ win.
    Richard Hadlee 33 wickets in the three test series.
    A first series win in Australia.
    There is some excellent Cricket Memorabilia available from this Series; I have examples of signed presentations from the 1st and 3rd test and a number of signed programmes, autographs and tour material.

    In more recent times:
    Of particular interest to me are the following Series:
    1977/78 New Zealand v England at Wellington (1st Test win against England)
    1983 New Zealand v England at Headingly (NZ 1st Test victory in England)
    1986 New Zealand v England at Trent Bridge (NZ 1st Series victory in England)
    Pre-war items will always be more collectable than modern day ones, one reason being the rarity factor. Over recent years Sporting Heroes have tended to carry out signings on a grander scale, whereas in the old days an autograph would be obtained at a match now a celebrity may sign huge numbers of items in one sitting making some sporting personalities more prolific than others. The rarity factor is always to be considered when assessing the value of memorabilia, this would apply mainly to modern Presentations and signed photographs and cannot be applicable to the older, team signed bats, original signed scorecards etc. You may often come across team signed Dinner Menus or signed tour material this is still very collectable as only a very limited amount exists.
    I recently wrote an article “Rare autographs real of fake” this article could be invaluable to readers intending to purchase New Zealand Cricket Memorabilia online as it will help you avoid purchasing anything less than authentic material.
    Best of luck with your collecting
    Let me know how you get on?
    Tony Selby
    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • South Africa Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on January 11, 2012 by Selby

    South Africa Cricket Memorabilia – Cricket Greats, Graeme Pollock, Barry Richards, Mike Procter and Jacques Kallis have always been in demand by Cricket Memorabilia enthusiasts. Signed Presentations are probably among the most popular items. I am fortunate to have collected framed Presentations associated with all four cricketers.
    The first Cricket match to be played in South Africa is on record to have taken place in Cape town in 1808 this may well have been by precipitated by the British presence there during the Napoleonic wars.
    The formation of the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club (St Georges Park) in 1843 brought organisation to a game which until then had been enjoyed in all sorts of different formats, few of them following the English traditional game. Official scorecards from 1843 shown in the Grahamstown Journal that year, verify that the game was now starting to follow a similar pattern to that played in England. The actual Scorecards would be excellent complete and printed, if they could be located, so far I have not been able to get hold of an original.
    South Africa’s first Test Match was played at the ground in 1889 during which England the Touring Side defeated SA by eight wickets and 202 runs. England captain Charles Aubrey Smith (1863 – 1949) Sussex, scored 3 runs in this his only Test appearance. However his right arm, quick though somewhat unorthodox bowling was the high point, which saw him taking 5 – 19 in the 1st innings.
    Smith began a successful acting career in 1895. He was Knighted by King George V1 in 1944 for services to the theatre. A star can be found on the Hollywood Walk of Fame bearing his name, what an achievement for an England Cricket Captain.
    South Africa Cricket Memorabilia originating from the 1889 period is available and collectable, sure to increase in value.
    The 1889 Cricket season is widely regarded as the official recognition of international and domestic Cricket in South Africa
    A landmark in South African Cricket came in 1935 at Lords which saw victory for the Tourists in the 2nd Test. Cricket Memorabilia is relatively available from this Series and I have a number of examples in my portfolio including signed bats and autographs.
    Some early cricketers to watch out for would be: Xenophon Constantine Balaskas (Bally), Jacques Henry Kallis, Aubrey Faulkner and Ernie Vogler to name but a few.
    South Africa Cricket Memorabilia is becoming as increasingly popular second choice investment behind the rather expensive collectables associated with Ashes Series. Ashes memorabilia around the beginning of the twentieth century is available and expensive; SA material is a great alternative
    Completed printed Scorecards from early matches through to WW2 are always in demand and available as are match tickets, hand written letters, autographs, touring brochures, pictures and sepia press photographs. Cricket bats are great mementoes, signed bats are more readily available post war and again at the moment highest prices are still commanded by the Ashes Series especially 1938/48.
    Today there seems to be a tendency for popular sportsmen to carry out “signings” making modern day Cricket Memorabilia more prolific, a number of fine framed Presentations are available including Kevin Pieterson, Daryll Cullinan, Gary Kirsten, Herschelle Gibbs, Jacques Kallis, Jonty Rhodes, Lance Klusener, Allen Donald and many more.
    A few GB examples include the following:
    Andrew Strauss, Andrew Flintoff, Michael Vaughan, Ian Botham, Geoff Boycott, Mike Atherton.
    Sir Donald Currie was to be the Sponsor who brought South African Cricket the recognition it so richly deserved. Sir Donald hailed from Glasgow, he had started his own shipping company in 1862, it was soon trading the Cape Town route where he presented the Currie Cup to the best SA team to play the tourists, from then on the Currie Cup became the prize of the National Championship.
    A separate Currie cup was awarded under similar rules for South African Rugby.
    Many years later with the foundations in place saw the formation of the United Cricket Board of South Africa
    The South African policy of Apartheid led to SA suspension from the International Cricket Competition (ICC) ironically this happened when they were playing their best Cricket. It was not until 1991 that SA was welcomed back into International Cricket. In the years between a number of Rebel Tours took place and these are key areas of collectable Cricket Memorabilia. Rebel tours create certain popularity but again pale in comparison to say the prices realised for the Bodyline Series: England v Australia 1932/33.
    An interesting match from which I have collected autographs (Van der Bijl, Rowan, Mitchell and Dalton) is known as “the longest Test Match, it was played at Kingsmead Durban in March 1939 against England, the match lasted nine days and ended drawn by agreement when the England side already delayed had to return to home.
    A unique item of South Africa Cricket Memorabilia is featured on my website and part of a family collection it commemorates the occasion when Ken Cranston took four wickets in one over in the fourth Test at Headingly 1947.
    Good luck with your collecting
    Let me know how you get on !!!
    Tony Selby
    Cricket Memorabilia

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