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Our collection of motor racing memorabilia included drivers and teams past and present, we have a large selection of hand signed Formula 1 collectables and rare autographs.

  • Jack Brabham F1 Memorabilia

    Posted on March 6, 2012 by Selby


    Jack Brabham F1 Memorabilia
    Triple World Champion F1 Racing Driver – 1959, 1960, and 1966 - Jack Brabham Motor Racing Memorabilia is in demand. A Legendary Competitor and Race Car Constructor Jack is one of most highly respected members of the F1 community.
    Jack Brabham won 3 World Championships, 14 Grand Prix, 31 Podium finishes.
    Collecting Motor Racing Memorabilia can be a rewarding hobby or part time business especially if you are already a fan. Attending race meetings, equipped with a paddock pass you are likely to meet many of the competitors either in the pits area or the member’s car park. Usually at the end of a meeting team members are more forthcoming with autographs, signing programmes and photographs. Always remember many retired racing heroes attend meetings it’s not just the current drivers you should be interested in.
    It can be good idea for those new to collecting to specialise in limited areas such as following one team, sponsor or to specialise in a certain era say Pre–war or the 50s and so on, To try to collect everything in sight will invariably lead to an incomplete collection.
    Jack was born in 1926 in Hurtsville Sydney Australia; in later years he became interested in Mechanical design engineering which was to hold him in good stead later in the years to come.
    Jack joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1944 where he worked on the Bristol fighter aircraft an involvement which would sow the seeds for the design of the Cooper – Bristol racing car.
    in 1946 on his discharge from the RAAF Jack had to earn a living so he started up a small repair and machine shop which he operated from a workshop near to his home, His introduction to Motorsport came when he began to prepare and race small open wheel single seater Midget cars, competing on circular dirt tracks, between 1948 - 51 Jack won four Australian speedway Championships followed by the 1953 Hill climb championship in a Cooper Bristol. Midget car racing was very popular in Australia at the time and the sport attracted droves of spectators.
    I would like to find some early Jack Brabham Memorabilia from those long gone days, so far my collection starts and stays in line with his F1 career.
    Jack soon progressed to road circuit events driving a modified Cooper racing car, he had a number of success including victory in the prestigious 1953 Queensland road racing Championship, in 1955 he decided to capitalise on his talents travelling to England where he bought and raced his own Cooper,Jack became a regular visitor to the Cooper workshop where he became friends with John and Charles Cooper, on realising his racing talent the brothers invited him to join the Cooper works team.
    Jack’s British Grand Prix debut (ret: engine) was in an underpowered Cooper Bristol in 1955 competing at the now defunct Aintree circuit Liverpool, a race won by Stirling Moss with Fangio taking second place.
    Jack Brabham F1 Memorabilia
    from early races is always a good find and I have been fortunate at auction to have bought signed photographs and programmes from the Aintree meeting in 1955.
    In 1959 Coventry Climax developed the 2.5 L F1 engine, that year Jack won his first World Championship, with wins at Monaco in the season’s opener where Jack having completed the fastest lap finished ahead of Tony Brooks who was driving a Ferrari 246. In the fifth round British Grand Prix at Aintree Jack started on pole to win in a works Cooper T51 leading from lap 1, he was joined on the podium by Stirling Moss (BRM) and Bruce McLaren (Cooper Climax).
    Jack Brabham F1 Memorabilia associated with the 1959 season is relatively rare and if the opportunity arose collectables from the French or British Grand Prix would be good purchases.
    The 1960 saw Jack win the World Championship a second time in a modified T53, he achieved five straight wins the Dutch, Belgium, French, British and Portuguese Grand Prix. F1 Memorabilia from these five races is rare and would be very attractive to the collector. When sourcing Motor racing collectables race attire and car parts are the number one items however these are very rare and most collections include signed presentations, autographed race literature, press tickets, photographs and team and sponsor items.
    Jack left Cooper in 1962 after a disappointing 1961 season dominated by Ferrari and Lotus however Jack did have a fastest lap in the last race of the season at Watkins Glen which he started from pole, a race won by Innes Ireland (Lotus).
    In 1962 he formed his own company Motor Racing Developments in partnership with fellow Australian Ron Tauranac, a relationship which would see the production of a new breed of racing car, soon Jack began driving for his own team “ Brabham.”
    The MRD Brabhams began making their mark in Formula 2, which as they not only advanced the car they were also creating opportunities for young upcoming drivers to demonstrate their skills. In the autumn of 1962 the first Brabham F1 car was announced with the Climax engine, The BT3 made its debut at the German Grand Prix the car had throttle problems and retired the race was won by Graham Hill (BRM), the following year the BT3 won the Solitute GP driven by Jack at Stuttgart also winning the Austrian Grand Prix at the Zeltweg airfield by a massive five laps.
    In 1964 the car won twice at the French Grand Prix Rouen driven by Dan Gurney with Jack in 3rd place and again at the Mexico Grand Prix driver Dan Gurney Jack retired with electrical problems on lap 44. Jack Brabham F1 Memorabilia is available from this meeting.
    During the middle to late 1960s the Brabham marque became the largest constructor of “customer specification” racing cars.
    1965 was a disappointing season with no Championship wins and with inconsistent reliability problems.
    The 1966 French Grand Prix was a double first for Jack, he won the race and became the first person to do so in a car named after the driver i.e. Jack Brabham wins in a Brabham, that same year Jack won the World Championship for the third time. His team took the constructors championship in 1966 and in 1967 when the World championship was won Denny Hulme driving a Brabham - Repco , It is a point of interest that in 1967 Hulme won the Monaco and German Grand Prix, whilst Jack won the French and Canadian.
    Jack was awarded the OBE in 1967 later receiving a Knighthood in 1978 for his services to Motorsports.
    The Repco V8 did not perform well in 1968 leading to 8 retirements and no wins.
    In 1969 Jack won the BRDC INT Trophy at Silverstone driving a Brabham Ford.
    Jacks last win was in the opening race of the 1970 season in the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami driving a BT 33, he was joined on the podium by Denny Hulme and Jackie Stewart who had started from pole position.
    Jack Brabham retired from Motor Racing as a participant in 1970, he will always be remembered as one of the great legends from the “Golden Age” of Motor Racing.
    Good luck on your travels collecting Jack Brabham F1 memorabilia.
    Let me know how you get on
    Tony Selby
    Motor Racing Memorabilia

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  • Mike Hawthorn F1 Memorabilia

    Posted on March 3, 2012 by Selby


    Mike Hawthorn F1 Memorabilia
    Mike Hawthorn - Charismatic World Champion - Motor Racing Legend, F1 Memorabilia is epitomised by Drivers like Mike, who’s Ferrari putJuan Fangiointo 2nd place in the 1953 French Grand Prix. It is epic races like this that the F1 fan or collector looks to in order to source scarce mementos from unforgettable races.
    Mike Hawthorn (1929 – 1959) was born in Mexborough Yorkshire sadly his life ended on the Guildford by pass at the age of 30. Certainly the 50s was an eventful time and it is easy to feel he packed a lifetime into those short nine years.
    As a youngster Mike spent his leisure time around his father’s famous Tourist Trophy Garage, which his father had bought to be close Brooklands motor circuit, at weekends he would accompany his father to the racing circuits where his dad used to tune and modify entries in the pits garage.
    Having already shown an interest in Motor cycles Mike soon turned his attention to Racing cars and with the encouragement of his father Mike started competing in races making his Motor racing debut at the Brighton speed trials in 1950, which he won driving a 1934 Riley Imp 1100cc, this was followed by two minor wins in Ireland, Mike was instantly recognisable in those early days as he usually drove wearing a bow tie and county clothing.
    In 1952 Mike upped a few gears by switching to Formula 2 racing cars making his name in a Cooper Bristol at the Easter Trophy meeting Goodwood.
    His entry into F1 followed soon after when at the 1952 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, in the third round of the World Championships, he was placed 4th in the Cooper Bristol ahead of the other British drivers, the winner Alberto Ascari driving a Ferrari.
    Mike followed up with 3rd in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, winner Ascari, on this occasion Mike was ahead of 17 British drivers. In August he was placed 4th in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.
    Mike Hawthorn F1 Memorabilia from these early races is scarce and items on offer are variable there are many prints of autographed photos (worth very little), however there are good examples of Presentations sets, Montages, and Hand signed Autographs. What the collector really wants are items which are directly associated with these early events, such as original press photographs, all enclosure passes, programmes, marshals’ badges, race attire and car parts.
    The Motor Racing fraternity were well aware of Mikes outstanding talents as was Enzo Ferrari who had been following his progress closely, Ferrari signed him for the 1953 season and were soon rewarded at the French Grand Prix at Reims when he took 1st place on the podium, closely followed by Juan Fangio in his Maserati. This win put him into 2nd place in the World Championships table on 14 points which was headed by Ascari on 28 points. This win made him the youngest F1 driver to win a Grand Prix.

    Motor racing collectables associated with Mike Hawthorn’s early races, especially 1952 Spa and 1953 Reims Gueux, (closed in 1972), are very collectable, I was fortunate to be able purchase car park badges and a hand signed presentation plus several autographs from the events, at auction.
    It is always advisable when collecting any sports memorabilia to concentrate on a nominated category, pre-war or post war, Motor Racing Collectables from the modern era although desirable will not receive the same attention shown to earlier examples. For instance you could concentrate on post war Mike Hawthorn and his fellow peers from the same era, this way you would include some of the most illustrious names in Motorsport, check out results for F1 Championship races 1952 -1958 for example and you can see what I mean. Concentrating in set areas like this can be very rewarding.
    It is prudent to consider the condition of Memorabilia, although one must be realistic and bear in mind age and usage when valuing race worn attire and car parts.
    1954 was a bad year for Mike on a personal level, his father was killed in a road accident shortly afterwards he suffered a bad crash at Syracuse circuit in Sicily, driving a Ferrari 625. The race was won by Giuseppe Farino in a Ferrari.
    On returning to racing later in July he finished the season with a 4th at Spa, 2nd at Silverstone, 2nd in Germany and Italy followed by long awaited win in the Spanish Grand Prix at Pedralbes, Barcelona, the places were taken by Luigi Musso in a Maserati and Fangio in the Mercedes straight 8 Fuel injection W196.
    1955 was a miserable year Double World Champion Ascari was killed at Monza testing a Ferrari 750 Monza Sports, followed with the appalling accident in the Le Mans 24 hour race where Pierre Levegh driving a Mercedes 300 SLR sports car and 83 spectators were killed and many injured. The race winner was Mike Hawthorn in a Jaguar D type.
    During the 1956 season Mike drove for BRM, Maserati and Vanwall finishing in 12th position.
    In 1957 back with Ferrari Mike achieved 4th place in the World Championship.
    1958 Mike Hawthorn became the first British driver to win the World Championship with Stirling Moss one point adrift, it was a season which saw the deaths of his team mates and close friends Luigi Musso lap 10 in the French Grand Prix at Reims and Peter Collins also on lap 10 in a Ferrari Dino 246 at the German Grand Prix Nubergring. Mike, some say disillusioned and with health problems on the horizon decided to retire from F1.
    Stirling Moss had demonstrated admirable qualities during the Championship, Mike had been disqualified during the Portugese Grand Prix for pushing his car preventing him from taking a 2nd place finish, due to Stirling intervening the decision was reversed and his points were reinstated, interesting when you consider Mike won the championship by just one point.

    Mike competed in his last race the Morroccan Grand Prix on October 19, 1958, his Ferrari finished in 2nd place behind the Stirling Moss Vanwall.


    Mike Hawthorn is remembered as a true personality and racing legend from an era that is long gone, this is what makes Motor Racing Memorabilia from any of his epic events so sought after by fans and collectors alike.

    Good luck with your collecting
    Let me know how you get on?
    Tony Selby

    Motorsport memorabilia





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  • Fangio Motor Racing Memorabilia

    Posted on December 30, 2011 by Selby


    Fangio Motor Racing Memorabilia
    Five times F1 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio (1911 - 1995) is remembered alongside Stirling Moss as an iconic driver from a past era who thrilled enthusiasts in those early days of F1 racing. Juan Manuel Fangio motor racing memorabilia is a great find for any collector.
    Ironically on his retirement Fangio played an active part in promoting sports collectables by accumulating his own portfolio of memorabilia which is now on display in Argentina.
    Fangio began his motor racing career in 1934 in his home country Argentina. He became Argentine National Champion in the seasons 1940 -41. The progression of World War 2 put on hold his hopes to compete in Europe.
    His first official F1 appearance was at the 1950 French Grand Prix (a round of the new FIA Formula 1 World Championship) whilst driving an Alfa Romeo 158, in those days the event was contested in the champagne growing area at the Reims Gueux one of the most famous road circuits of the 1930s, he was placed second. He won the race in 1951 (Alfa) and again in 1954 following a mid-season change from Maserati to Mercedes. He more or less dominated motor racing at that time winning the F1 drivers’ championship the following three seasons, 1955, 56, 57.
    Fangio won 102 of his 186 international races including 24 world championship races out of 51 starts. He was world champion five times.
    A few statistics:
    Racing Seasons 9
    Races 51
    Won 24
    Pole position 29
    Fastest lap 23
    F1 points 245
    F1 title 5 times with 4 different teams.
    Fangio won his last driving title in 1957, at the age of 46 when competing in the German Grand Prix (Maserati) his performance that day at the Nurburgring is often referred to as his greatest race.
    On retirement from motor racing Fangio opened the Mercedes Benz main dealership distributing and retailing cars, in 1974 he was appointed President of Mercedes Benz Argentina. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1990.
    A good place to view some outstanding motor sport collectables is the “Museo Juan Manuel Fangio” in Buenos Aries; the museum dedicated to its namesake, houses a unique collection of cars, trophies, photographs and other collectables including many items collected by and pertaining to their National hero “the maestro”.
    He wrote a book published in 1990, in conjunction with Roberto Carozzo called “ Fangio: My racing life”, a remarkable account of his life and achievements it is a must read for any enthusiast.
    Motor racing memorabilia associated with early races especially Reims Gueux, (closed since 1972), is very collectable I was fortunate to be able purchase an early paddock pass and several autographs from the 1953/54, events, at auction. Items to look out for include race attire, helmets, caps, rare autographs, hand signed photos, event tickets, programmes, sepia press photographs signed framed presentations, paddock passes and car parts.
    • When collecting any sports memorabilia it is always advisable to concentrate on a nominated category, pre-war or post war, motor racing collectables from the modern era although desirable will not receive the same attention shown to earlier examples.
    It is important to consider the condition of memorabilia, although one must be realistic and bear in mind age and usage when valuing race worn attire and car parts.
    Sought after Motor racing memorabilia deriving from the golden era of Fangio, would include drivers such as Giuseppe Farina, Enzo Ferrari, Alberto Ascari, Mike Hawthorn, William Grover Williams, Hermann Lang, Richard Seaman, Henry Seagrove, Stirling Moss, Malcolm Campbell(yes he was a Grand Prix driver), there are plenty of memorable drivers, it is all about personal choice and opportunity to purchase right item at the right price.

    Motorsports memorabilia sales

    When participating in online auctions it is important to research the vendor and always ask for formal authentication, UACC or AFTAL .I cannot emphasis enough the buyer beware syndrome, nowhere more so than popular internet sites

    I have recently written an informative article called Rare autographs real or fake, I strongly advise you to read this before making any purchases.
    Good luck with your collecting
    Tony Selby
    Motor racing memorabilia

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  • F1 Memorabilia - Monaco Grand Prix

    Posted on December 27, 2011 by Selby

    F1 memorabilia – Monaco Grand Prix: Is always in demand, sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.
    The Monaco Grand Prix held at the end of May is one of the top sporting spectacles of the year, a social highlight featuring a combination of racing cars, yachts, celebrities and glamour, the venue the one and only Monte Carlo. The race is played out on the narrow twisting public roads of the Principality, encompassing of course the famous tunnel which leads to the fastest part of circuit and runs directly underneath the prestigious Fairmont Hotel. These changing features make it perhaps the most demanding track of the F1 racing season testing the skill and ability of participants to the utmost. It is due to these factors that F1 memorabilia associated with the Monaco Grand Prix is so highly regarded.
    The ACM (Automobile Club of Monaco) came to be in 1925. The Commissioner General, Anthony Noghés the Principalities Minster of Finance decided Monaco needed a race circuit, he achieved this with the support of Prince Pierre of Monaco who at the time held the appointment Honorary President of the Automobile Club of Monaco and with the support of Louis Chiron, a renowned motor racing champion from the locality. Plans were submitted to enable racing through the streets of the principality and a circuit was quickly mapped out that required very little construction work.

    The inaugural race was held in 1929 and was won by William Grover Williams who in a green Bugatti 35b raced a 100 laps to victory( 318k) at an average speed of 80k per hour that’s (48 mph) which puts things into perspective.
    The race was never won twice by the same driver prior to Juan Manuel Fangio in 1950 (Alfa) winning again in 1957 driving a Maserati. It is achievement s of this type which can add so much to the value of collectables especially when they are displayed with “provenance” from the event where the material was obtained.
    Motor racing memorabilia from those early days is rare and my personal collection includes examples from Guy Moll 1934 Alfa, Manfred von Brauchitsch 1937 Mercedes, Vittorio Marzotto 1952 Ferrari. Drivers of more recent times are still very collectable and ones in my portfolio include Jack Brabham 1959 Cooper, Graham Hill 1963 -65 BRM, Ronnie Peterson 1974 Lotus Ford, Jochen Rindt 1970 Lotus Ford.
    Rare paddock passes, programmes, hand signed autographs, race worn attire, sepia press photos, pictures and car parts from the pre-war era are classic finds. In the modern era many enthusiasts love to have signed, framed memorabilia displayed in offices and homes, showing heroic drivers in action at Monaco, legends such as Stirling Moss 3 times winner: Maserati/lotus climax, Ayton Senna in 1987 celebrating his first of six wins at Monaco driving a Lotus Honda, or the legendary Michael Schumacher (7 times world champion) who made his mark in 1994 -5 with the Benetton Ford, Michael totalled an enviable five wins, the other three in the Ferrari.
    Collecting F1 motor racing memorabilia can be an enjoyable and worthwhile hobby or small business and certainly examples from events such as Monaco will always attract attention from admirers and collectors alike.
    The comments I make above regarding individual drivers and F1 memorabilia are purely based on my own collection, every winner at Monaco is legendary and I look forward to completing my collection one day by including them all, think of Mika Hakkinen a double world champion or Stirling Moss, Maserati / Lotus Climax, 3 times winner at Monaco, the list goes on.
    A couple of interesting statistics:
    The original circuit (1929-1972) turns 14 - distance 1.954 m - fastest lap 1.22.2 - Jackie Stewart - Tyrell Ford 1971
    Latest circuit (2003 onwards) turns 18 - distance 2.075 m – fastest lap 1.1443 - Michael Schumacher Ferrari in 2004.
    Not to be forgotten moments:
    Whilst leading the 1955 Grand Prix Alberto Ascari got it all wrong coming out of the tunnel at the Chicane du Port, his Lancia crashed through the barriers into the harbour and Alberto had to swim to safety. The race was won by outsider Maurice Trintignant, in a Ferrari 625 it was to be his first F1 race victory, he proved a point by repeating his victory in 1958.
    Sadly double world champion Alberto Ascari; was killed four days later testing a Ferrari sports car at Monza.
    I hope you enjoy you quest in seeking out rare or interesting F1 Memorabilia; I feel that the Monaco Grand Prix is an excellent place to start your collection.
    Tony Selby
    Motorsports memorabilia

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  • New Google Group - Sports Memorabilia

    Posted on October 28, 2011 by Selby

    Tony Selby has recently created a New Google Group Sports memorabilia
    The primary objective of this New Google Group is to promote interest in the collection and valuation of Authentic Sports Collectables especially Cricket, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Baseball, Motor Racing, Tennis, Snooker and much more.
    Collecting Sports Memorabilia is a hobby/small business that is becoming ever popular and within this growing community we aim to become a forum for members where fellow collectors can exchange information, ask questions give opinions, offer to value, purchase or sell their collectables.
    We hope to include information about forthcoming sales, realised prices and exchange images of interesting items from all areas of Sports Memorabilia . Our members will be encouraged to contribute articles and hopefully attend informal 6 monthly meetings at which interesting Collectables can be exhibited.
    Anyone who is interested in Sports Collectables is welcome to join this New Google Group and participate from the beginning in establishing what should become an interesting and worthwhile Focal Point.
    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Motor racing memorabilia

    Posted on October 7, 2011 by Selby

    Motor Racing Memorabilia

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Michael Schumacher is probably the biggest
    name in the history of F1 motor racing, seven times F1 champion he ranks
    alongside Senna,  Moss, Fangio, Brabham, Clark, to name but a few of the
    whose personae has withstood the passage of time.

    Michael Schumacher motor racing memorabilia is not in short supply
    however it is an essential part of an enthusiast’s collection.

    Some celebrities are reserved when it comes to signing autographs conversely
    in Michael’s case he is only too happy to oblige his vast array of fans all
    over the world.

    The variety of collectables from the
    F1 scene
    would include race worn attire, signed racing helmets, signed
    photographs, presentations, programmes, paddock tickets, trophies and medals.

    For example I have in my collection excellent examples of signed
    Ferrari caps, hand signed photos and Presentation sets.

    Whether he should have returned to F1 at the age 41 remains a
    matter of conjecture and I wish him the best of success in the remainder of this
    season and forthcoming events.

    Michael is currently making some great starts and improving his
    position in fine style when the lights go out. I look forward to some rain as
    this is when he is most likely to get on the podium in 2011

    I have written below a
    brief précis of Michael’s outstanding racing record.

    Michael Schumacher (1969) was born in Hurth
    West Germany
    , he began his motor racing career in 1988 driving for Eufra
    Racing in the Euro Formula Ford 1600 series, his first win was in the Formula
    Konig Series that same year, in 1990 he had two wins in the German Formula 3
    and the Macau Grand Prix where he had a controversial incident with Mikka (MH
    drove into the back of MS car on the final lap), driving for WTS racing, his F
    1 debut was in 1991 at the Belgium Grand Prix driving for the Jordan Ford set
    up, on this occasion he retired on Lap 1 with mechanical problems. The following
    year he achieved a remarkable third position in the drivers’ championship, followed
    by fourth position in 1993 a season that saw many mechanical induced retirements.

    It was in 1994 that the glory years began, he won the drivers’
    championship in both 1994/5, in 1996 he switched to the Scuderia Ferrari
    through to 2006 around this time it was impossible to walk into a pub on a
    Sunday without seeing the red Ferrari again leading the field, this was the
    season that cemented his fame and saw him win another five world championships.
    Michael announced his retirement from F1 racing at the end of the 2006 season, he was always there working in the background  continuing his involvement in F1, test
    driving and operating in an advisory capacity for Ferrari before sensationally
    announcing his return to racing in 2010 when the Mercedes GP team confirmed a
    three year contract.

    It is worth remembering that during his most competitive years he
    was racing alongside some very highly regarded drivers such as Mikka Hakkinen(think
    back to that incident at Macau)  which
    made for great racing and riveting TV viewing.

    At the peak of his career Michael was listed as the number 2
    highest earning sportsman in the world behind Tiger Woods and ahead of Phil
    Mickelson, which says something for the risk free rewards of golf.

    I am always interested in adding to my collection of motor racing
    memorabilia and would be please to speak
    with anyone
    who wishes to sell genuine hand signed collectables.

    I have recently written an article Autographs
    real of fake
    which readers may find of interest

    Tony Selby

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  • Barry Sheene Memorabilia

    Posted on September 21, 2011 by Selby

    Barry Sheene memorabilia is something special as he is regarded as a colourful charismatic racer who defined the ‘70s era when he seemed unbeatable on the racetrack.
    Barry a former British world champion, Grand Prix motorcycle racer was born in London 1950 he tragically died in Australia in in 2003 following a short illness.
    He was awarded the MBE in 1978.
    Many will remember the iconic photographs, some of which I have in my collection, of Barry and James Hunt together at various events, James having won the 1976 formula one world motor racing championship in Japan. Many of these photos are part of a hand signed presentation.
    Barry holds the enviable position as the only rider to win Grand Prix races in both the 50cc and 500cc categories.
    Barry Sheene memorabilia from any of his Grand Prix events is very collectable particularly in the years 1976/77.
    He began his Grand Prix career in 1970 racing a 125cc Suzuki in the Spanish Grand Prix his first Grand Prix win came the following year in Belgian.
    In 1973 he won the formula 750cc, in both 1976 and 1977 he won the 500cc motorcycle championships.
    On his retirement he worked as a motorsport television commentator down under where he also pursued his property development interests.

    sports memorabilia
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  • Stirling Moss motor racing memorabilia

    Posted on August 27, 2011 by Selby

    As probably the most famous British racing driver of all time Stirling Moss motor racing memorabilia is in high demand.

    Stirling at 81 has recently announced that he is retiring from motor racing after an extraordinary career that spanned eight decades and took in 212 victories. Moss's first Formula One win achieved driving a Mercedes W196  was the British Grand Prix at Aintree where spectacular driving put legend  Juan Manuel Fangio  into second place, motor racing collectibles from this event are sought after by enthusiasts and would include hand signed autographs,  event programmes, sepia mono press photos, tickets and other event related material.

    Ever popular the charismatic Stirling in effect retired from motor racing in 1962 though he continued racing in exhibitions and legends events.

    Stirling is the ten times British Champion and winner of 16 Grand Prix from 66 Grand Prix starts and 19 non-championship events.

    Motor racing memorabilia that I have collected over the years would include legends such as James Hunt, Jim Clark Nikki Lauda,  Graham Hill, William Grover, Emmerson Fitipaldi, Enzo Ferrari, Williams Hermann Lang, Richard Seaman, Stirling Moss, Henry Seagrove, , Malcolm Campbell (yes he was a Grand Prix driver), the list goes on, it is all about opportunity and  personal choice.

    Fortunately there are still some excellent examples of Stirling Moss collectibles still available.

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  • James Hunt Memorabilia`1

    Posted on August 1, 2011 by Selby

    James Hunt Memorabilia.

    I was fortunate in March this year to purchase three items of James Hunt memorabilia from a private collection in Surrey.

    James Simon Wallis Hunt (1947-1993) was a flamboyant British motor racing driver who won the world drivers’ championship in 1976 whilst driving for McLaren in the Japanese Grand Prix.

    On retirement from motor racing Hunt became a television commentator with the BBC alongside Murray Walker, his dry sense of humour was always a pleasure to listen to on a Sunday afternoon throughout the F1 season.

    Motor racing collectables are always in demand especially when associated with a driver of Hunt’s calibre.

    Item 1:

    Which I particularly liked, a stunning hand signed presentation of Hunt driving a Hesketh Ford in 1974 in the Swedish Grand Prix where he gained his first podium place for Hesketh  Racing

    Item 2:

    A hand signed framed photograph of James driving a McLaren M23 at Jarama where he won the 1976 Spanish Grand Prix

    Item 3:

    A hand signed photo of Hunt driving the winning McLaren in Canada in 1976.

    These are three excellent items of motor racing memorabilia which I am pleased to own especially as I have been a fan of James Hunt for many years

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  • How to collect motor racing memorabilia

    Posted on July 31, 2011 by Selby

    Hand signed motor racing memorabilia

    Collecting hand signed motor racing memorabilia can be a great hobby or small business for the motor racing enthusiast as you are able to combine following your  heroes with building a motor racing memorabilia collection.

    A  paddock  pass  with access to the pits is the most effective way of making contact with the motor  racing fraternity otherwise the members car park  is always a good bet especially after the meeting  is concluded, before racing starts teams are too preoccupied to be approached.

    I have always found drivers to be most considerate and obliging when it comes to signing autographs and meeting enthusiasts, the cost of attending events can well be compensated for by the increasing value of your collection.

    Formula 1 is the obvious choice and it is the second most watched sport in the world followed by soccer.

    Early records show automobile racing as having originated in France at the end of the nineteenth century where drivers would compete from one town to the next ( 1894 Paris to Rouen is the first recorded race) these races were known as endurance tests and became increasingly popular, it was a natural progression that was to become  Grand Prix.

    The Automobile club of France organised the first official Grand Prix at Le Mans in 1906

    Motor manufacturers were soon eager to become involved and sought to sponsor drivers by contributing large sums of money to aid the design of competitive cars, even the Nazis became involved and encouraged Mercedes and Auto Union to further the glory of the Reich.

    By the time the Monaco Grand Prix was first run in 1933 motor racing had become established a big business sport, with motor manufacturers and sponsors reflecting in the glory of race.

    Categories and specialised areas

    As with collecting any sports memorabilia it is always prudent to specialise in a nominated category, categories are defined as pre-war and post war, motor sport collectables from the modern era although desirable will not usually merit the value of earlier examples.

    Once would be collectors have established which era they will concentrate on they need to consider where to specialise, examples would include race attire, helmets, caps,  rare autographs, hand signed photos, event programmes and framed  presentations

    It is always important to consider the condition of sports memorabilia, although one must be realistic and bear in mind age and usage.

    Motor racing memorabilia which I have personally collated, to name but a few I would be personally interested in, would include the following popular drivers James Hunt, Nikki Lauda, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Emmerson Fitipaldi, Enzo Ferrari, William Grover Williams Hermann Lang, Richard Seaman, Henry Seagrove, Stirling Moss, Malcolm Campbell (yes he was a Grand Prix driver), the list goes on, it is all about personal choice and opportunity.


     Motor memorabilia sales and auctions

    Sports memorabilia auctions are always a favourite of mine as they usually include lots of cricket, rugby and football collectables which are also of interest to me, motor racing is usually also included

    A good start would be Knights sporting auctions or Bonham’s auctions Chester.

    It is important to do your research make sure you order an auction brochure prior to the event and compare items for sale against prices previously realised.

    Attend the sale for viewing, check the provenance and condition of the items you have researched and list them, remember not to get carried away when bidding as the bid price can be way above the guide price quoted in the brochure. Write down a maximum you will bid up to and stick to it, not forgetting you will also be paying up to 25% in commission and incidental fees.

    Check out the terms and conditions

    Online bidding

    When bidding online for hand signed motor racing memorabilia the costs are higher and in my opinion you really need to attend the viewing and sale.

    If you have to bid on eBay it is important to research the vendor and always ask for formal authentication, UACC or AFTAL.

    I cannot emphasis enough the buyer beware syndrome which appertains to popular internet sites

    I have recently written an article which you can find on my website called Rare autographs real of fake, I strongly advise you to read this.

    Good luck with your collecting and let me know how you get on.

    Tony Selby

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