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  • Korean Grand Prix

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by Selby

    Korean Grand Prix Tyre Controversy

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  • Hamilton Crashes at Jerez -Motorsport Memorabilia

    Posted on February 6, 2013 by Selby

    What a terrible start for Mercedes at Jerez

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  • F1 Changing Seats

    Posted on October 16, 2012 by Selby

    Vettel seems to me unlikely to make the widely anticipated move to Ferrari in 2014 especially following Massa performance at Mokpo, his contract with Red Bull extends to 2014 and is probably performance related which says it all - back to back in India in Abu Dhabi should sort it all out hope MS can improve a bit in these races and add to his 43 points my moneys on Grosjean for India @ 36/1 ew probably misguidedly????

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  • Sebastian Vettel Sports Memorabilia

    Posted on October 14, 2012 by Selby

    Vettel on the way to World Championship - Great stuff for F1 collectors, Paddy Power were offering 3/1 on Mark Webber losing position on lap 1 seems like a foregone conclusion!!!

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  • French F1 driver Romain Grosjean

    Posted on October 8, 2012 by Selby

    Romain Grosjean having been involved in incidents in Malaysia, Spain, Monaco, Silverstone, Germany and Belgium boxed out Mark Webber at the entrance to t2 on the opening lap in Japan yesterday on a very eventful first lap, currently 8th in the table, with the top 3 drivers so close 4/1 on Vettel to win outright looks a great bet. Romains seat at Lotus next season is anyone's guess

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  • michael schumacher to make a move, not sure if its backwards or forward

    Posted on September 29, 2012 by Selby

    Seems MS may move to Sauber not sure if this is a move backwards or forwards, I would like to see him manage an F1 team and take it easy!!

    Michael Schumacher keeps his F1 options open for next year despite Lewis Hamilton's arrival at Mercedes

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  • Dan Gurney F1 Motor Racing Memorabilia

    Posted on March 12, 2012 by Selby


    Dan Gurney F1 Motor Racing Memorabilia

    Dan Gurney  Racing Driver, Car Constructor, Team owner – Memorabilia from the Historic F1 1967 Belgian Grand Prix -  Indianapolis 500 – Nascar – Trans AM Series – Daytona – Le Mans -  Gurney  was an Iconic Champion Racer.

    Ferrari, BRM, Porsche, Lotus, Brabham, Eagle, McLaren, lots of potential for the Motor Racing Memorabilia enthusiast, Dan Gurney led a varied and exciting career between 1958 – 1970, which has meant lots of interesting Collectables emanating from his many memorable events and competitions.

    It is important to remember that Dan was competing during “the Golden Age of Motor Racing” era his fellow racers are now mostly legendary names and Memorabilia associated with Drivers and Constructors from this era is always in demand.

    Dan Gurney (1931) was born in Port Jefferson New York, moving to the West Coast in his teens he combined his interest in Mechanical Engineering with his desire to go racing and designed and built a series of Hot Rod cars with little money and lots ingenuity from scrap yard parts.

    US Motor Racing around this time was to say the least disorganised, enthusiasts would compete in a variety of races and often travel long distances, a trait which became evident later in his career, demonstrated by his huge cross section of victories, in all 4 major categories F1, Indy cars, Nascar  and Sports car racing.

    Dan began street racing in the early 1950’s and attended events all over Southern California, driving a highly modified ’35 Ford with a flathead V8 engine, he soon made a name for himself winning races.

    Thanks to his engineering skills it was not long before Dan was breaking records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, he became a Drag Racing hero when he drove a home built Mercury Flathead at 138 MPH.

    His early forays on the racing scene were interrupted when spent a two year spell with the United States Army in Korea. On his return to the West Coast in 1955 he began his career in earnest driving a TR2 in numerous competitions around West California. There are some great original photographs available of Dan racing the white TR2 at Torrey Pines Road Races leading a Jag XK120 and a Porsche.

    His big break came in 1958 when Luigi Chinetti invited him to team with Bruce Kessler driving a Ferrari Scuderia (No 0666) in the 24 hour Le Mans Endurance Race, the car was involved in an accident and did not finish; it was eventually rebuilt at Maranello but retained its ominous number.

    By now Dan was attracting the attention of the Motor Racing hierarchy, during 1958 he was offered a Test drive with Ferrari and shortly after he joined the Ferrari F1 Team.

    In the 1959 season Dan Gurney competed in the French Grand Prix at Reims driving a front engine 2.5 litre Ferrari he retired with radiator problems on lap 19 in a race which saw Tony Brooks (Ferrari), Phil Hill (Ferrari), Jack Brabham (Cooper Climax) take the podium positions, Dan followed up with a 2nd at the German GP, 3RD at Portugal and a 4th in Italy, he was awarded “Rookie of the year “establishing his position in Motor Racing.

    In 1960 Dan joined the Owen Racing Organisation this proved to be a poor decision owing to the unreliability of the BRM P48 which lead to 6 non finishes in 7 races. At the Dutch Grand Prix Dan had a serious accident on lap 11 driving the BRM, Dan broke an arm and a young spectator was killed in the accident.

    For the 1961 season Dan teamed up with Jo Bonnier driving for the Porsche Team, he took 2nd place at Reims, Monza and Watkins Glen and ended up finishing in third place with 21 Championship points, alongside Stirling Moss (4 Ret).

    In 1962 Dan Gurney won his first F1 race the French Grand Prix at Rouen driving an 8 cylinder Porsche 804 he followed this up in a non-Championship race at Stuttgart a week later.

    Between 1962 and 1970 entered the Indy 500 each year gaining two 2nds and a third in the final three years.

    He was to win twice in 1964 driving for Jack Brabham, in the French Grand Prix (Brabham - Climax) and the Mexican Grand Prix (Brabham - Climax).

    Dan finished the 1965 F1 season in fourth place behind Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Jackie Steward with 25 World Championship points, his tally for the season was two second places and three third place finishes

    By 1966 Dan was running his own team American Eagle, his team won the historic Collectors dream  Belgian Grand Prix in 1967 with Dan at the wheel. The same year he had won the 24 hour LeMans with AJ Foyt, driving a Ford GT 40 MK 1V.

    Dan Gurney F1 Motor Racing Memorabilia – 2 events stand out in 1967 the Westlake powered Eagle winning the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch and the historic Eagle victory at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa. Jackie Steward and Chris Amon made up the podium places. I currently have a –Photographic Montage, Signed Photographs, Event related items, Pits all area admittance, programmes, race reports. Race attire and car parts would be desirable especially from the historic win at Spa.

    1967 also saw Dan take third in the Canadian Grand Prix behind Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme (Brabham – Repco).

    Dan retired from F1 racing after the 1970 British Grand Prix where he went out with oil pressure problems on lap 60 whilst driving a McLaren Ford.

    Dan Gurney was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1990, this is one of many awards he received over the years.

    He was a co-founder of the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1974 and has taken an active interest in the development of Motor Racing throughout his retirement, occasionally entering cars at celebrity and charity events.

    In 2002 Dan announced that he had designed and developed the Grand Prix Alligator Motor Cycle, he released 36 Limited editions, all bearing the colours of his historical racing car the F1 Eagle which won the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix, The edition was limited to 36 as that is the number displayed on the FI car. Not surprisingly the Bikes were a sell-out.

    Tony Selby

    Motor Racing Memorabilia

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  • Fangio Motor Racing Memorabilia

    Posted on December 30, 2011 by Selby


    Fangio Motor Racing Memorabilia
    Five times F1 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio (1911 - 1995) is remembered alongside Stirling Moss as an iconic driver from a past era who thrilled enthusiasts in those early days of F1 racing. Juan Manuel Fangio motor racing memorabilia is a great find for any collector.
    Ironically on his retirement Fangio played an active part in promoting sports collectables by accumulating his own portfolio of memorabilia which is now on display in Argentina.
    Fangio began his motor racing career in 1934 in his home country Argentina. He became Argentine National Champion in the seasons 1940 -41. The progression of World War 2 put on hold his hopes to compete in Europe.
    His first official F1 appearance was at the 1950 French Grand Prix (a round of the new FIA Formula 1 World Championship) whilst driving an Alfa Romeo 158, in those days the event was contested in the champagne growing area at the Reims Gueux one of the most famous road circuits of the 1930s, he was placed second. He won the race in 1951 (Alfa) and again in 1954 following a mid-season change from Maserati to Mercedes. He more or less dominated motor racing at that time winning the F1 drivers’ championship the following three seasons, 1955, 56, 57.
    Fangio won 102 of his 186 international races including 24 world championship races out of 51 starts. He was world champion five times.
    A few statistics:
    Racing Seasons 9
    Races 51
    Won 24
    Pole position 29
    Fastest lap 23
    F1 points 245
    F1 title 5 times with 4 different teams.
    Fangio won his last driving title in 1957, at the age of 46 when competing in the German Grand Prix (Maserati) his performance that day at the Nurburgring is often referred to as his greatest race.
    On retirement from motor racing Fangio opened the Mercedes Benz main dealership distributing and retailing cars, in 1974 he was appointed President of Mercedes Benz Argentina. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1990.
    A good place to view some outstanding motor sport collectables is the “Museo Juan Manuel Fangio” in Buenos Aries; the museum dedicated to its namesake, houses a unique collection of cars, trophies, photographs and other collectables including many items collected by and pertaining to their National hero “the maestro”.
    He wrote a book published in 1990, in conjunction with Roberto Carozzo called “ Fangio: My racing life”, a remarkable account of his life and achievements it is a must read for any enthusiast.
    Motor racing memorabilia associated with early races especially Reims Gueux, (closed since 1972), is very collectable I was fortunate to be able purchase an early paddock pass and several autographs from the 1953/54, events, at auction. Items to look out for include race attire, helmets, caps, rare autographs, hand signed photos, event tickets, programmes, sepia press photographs signed framed presentations, paddock passes and car parts.
    • When collecting any sports memorabilia it is always advisable to concentrate on a nominated category, pre-war or post war, motor racing collectables from the modern era although desirable will not receive the same attention shown to earlier examples.
    It is important to consider the condition of memorabilia, although one must be realistic and bear in mind age and usage when valuing race worn attire and car parts.
    Sought after Motor racing memorabilia deriving from the golden era of Fangio, would include drivers such as Giuseppe Farina, Enzo Ferrari, Alberto Ascari, Mike Hawthorn, William Grover Williams, Hermann Lang, Richard Seaman, Henry Seagrove, Stirling Moss, Malcolm Campbell(yes he was a Grand Prix driver), there are plenty of memorable drivers, it is all about personal choice and opportunity to purchase right item at the right price.

    Motorsports memorabilia sales

    When participating in online auctions it is important to research the vendor and always ask for formal authentication, UACC or AFTAL .I cannot emphasis enough the buyer beware syndrome, nowhere more so than popular internet sites

    I have recently written an informative article called Rare autographs real or fake, I strongly advise you to read this before making any purchases.
    Good luck with your collecting
    Tony Selby
    Motor racing memorabilia

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