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  • Korean Grand Prix

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by Selby

    Korean Grand Prix Tyre Controversy

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  • Brazil Grand Prix - Motorsport Memorabilia

    Posted on November 21, 2012 by Selby

    The climax of the F1 season at Sao Paulo’s Autodrome, Interlagos will decide the championship battle between Alonso and Vettel .
    Motorsport Memorabilia  from this event will be very collectable. A one two for Red Bull and Ferrari would see photographs signed by both drivers at a premium.
     Interlagos is an exciting 71 lap anticlockwise, high altitude  circuit around 800M above sea level providing more than usual overtaking possibilities, it makes for great racing, especially this weekend with the World Championship going right down to the last race of the season.
    It will be Lewis Hamilton’s last race for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes; he’s never won in Brazil and will be going all out to follow up on his well-timed win in Austen last weekend, neither Sebastian nor Fernando can afford to relax for a moment.
    It is supposed to be Michael Schumacher’s last race; I hope it is and that he goes out in the style so due to him.
    Interestingly Pirelli will be supplying the 2013 prototype tyres for Friday’s free practice enabling feedback from the teams which would normally not be available February, so they must be hoping it stays dry which is by no means certain, the weather is always a factor in Interlagos.
    With a 13 point lead Vettel is favourite to win quoted around 2/1, I prefer Alonso’s chances and think the 7/2 which Paddy Power are offering is great value, it would only take rain on Saturday to leave the race wide open.
    Keep watching the forecast
    Best of luck Fernando

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  • F1 Changing Seats

    Posted on October 16, 2012 by Selby

    Vettel seems to me unlikely to make the widely anticipated move to Ferrari in 2014 especially following Massa performance at Mokpo, his contract with Red Bull extends to 2014 and is probably performance related which says it all - back to back in India in Abu Dhabi should sort it all out hope MS can improve a bit in these races and add to his 43 points my moneys on Grosjean for India @ 36/1 ew probably misguidedly????

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  • French F1 driver Romain Grosjean

    Posted on October 8, 2012 by Selby

    Romain Grosjean having been involved in incidents in Malaysia, Spain, Monaco, Silverstone, Germany and Belgium boxed out Mark Webber at the entrance to t2 on the opening lap in Japan yesterday on a very eventful first lap, currently 8th in the table, with the top 3 drivers so close 4/1 on Vettel to win outright looks a great bet. Romains seat at Lotus next season is anyone's guess

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  • michael schumacher to make a move, not sure if its backwards or forward

    Posted on September 29, 2012 by Selby

    Seems MS may move to Sauber not sure if this is a move backwards or forwards, I would like to see him manage an F1 team and take it easy!!

    Michael Schumacher keeps his F1 options open for next year despite Lewis Hamilton's arrival at Mercedes

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  • F1 Memorabilia - Monaco Grand Prix

    Posted on December 27, 2011 by Selby

    F1 memorabilia – Monaco Grand Prix: Is always in demand, sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.
    The Monaco Grand Prix held at the end of May is one of the top sporting spectacles of the year, a social highlight featuring a combination of racing cars, yachts, celebrities and glamour, the venue the one and only Monte Carlo. The race is played out on the narrow twisting public roads of the Principality, encompassing of course the famous tunnel which leads to the fastest part of circuit and runs directly underneath the prestigious Fairmont Hotel. These changing features make it perhaps the most demanding track of the F1 racing season testing the skill and ability of participants to the utmost. It is due to these factors that F1 memorabilia associated with the Monaco Grand Prix is so highly regarded.
    The ACM (Automobile Club of Monaco) came to be in 1925. The Commissioner General, Anthony Noghés the Principalities Minster of Finance decided Monaco needed a race circuit, he achieved this with the support of Prince Pierre of Monaco who at the time held the appointment Honorary President of the Automobile Club of Monaco and with the support of Louis Chiron, a renowned motor racing champion from the locality. Plans were submitted to enable racing through the streets of the principality and a circuit was quickly mapped out that required very little construction work.

    The inaugural race was held in 1929 and was won by William Grover Williams who in a green Bugatti 35b raced a 100 laps to victory( 318k) at an average speed of 80k per hour that’s (48 mph) which puts things into perspective.
    The race was never won twice by the same driver prior to Juan Manuel Fangio in 1950 (Alfa) winning again in 1957 driving a Maserati. It is achievement s of this type which can add so much to the value of collectables especially when they are displayed with “provenance” from the event where the material was obtained.
    Motor racing memorabilia from those early days is rare and my personal collection includes examples from Guy Moll 1934 Alfa, Manfred von Brauchitsch 1937 Mercedes, Vittorio Marzotto 1952 Ferrari. Drivers of more recent times are still very collectable and ones in my portfolio include Jack Brabham 1959 Cooper, Graham Hill 1963 -65 BRM, Ronnie Peterson 1974 Lotus Ford, Jochen Rindt 1970 Lotus Ford.
    Rare paddock passes, programmes, hand signed autographs, race worn attire, sepia press photos, pictures and car parts from the pre-war era are classic finds. In the modern era many enthusiasts love to have signed, framed memorabilia displayed in offices and homes, showing heroic drivers in action at Monaco, legends such as Stirling Moss 3 times winner: Maserati/lotus climax, Ayton Senna in 1987 celebrating his first of six wins at Monaco driving a Lotus Honda, or the legendary Michael Schumacher (7 times world champion) who made his mark in 1994 -5 with the Benetton Ford, Michael totalled an enviable five wins, the other three in the Ferrari.
    Collecting F1 motor racing memorabilia can be an enjoyable and worthwhile hobby or small business and certainly examples from events such as Monaco will always attract attention from admirers and collectors alike.
    The comments I make above regarding individual drivers and F1 memorabilia are purely based on my own collection, every winner at Monaco is legendary and I look forward to completing my collection one day by including them all, think of Mika Hakkinen a double world champion or Stirling Moss, Maserati / Lotus Climax, 3 times winner at Monaco, the list goes on.
    A couple of interesting statistics:
    The original circuit (1929-1972) turns 14 - distance 1.954 m - fastest lap 1.22.2 - Jackie Stewart - Tyrell Ford 1971
    Latest circuit (2003 onwards) turns 18 - distance 2.075 m – fastest lap 1.1443 - Michael Schumacher Ferrari in 2004.
    Not to be forgotten moments:
    Whilst leading the 1955 Grand Prix Alberto Ascari got it all wrong coming out of the tunnel at the Chicane du Port, his Lancia crashed through the barriers into the harbour and Alberto had to swim to safety. The race was won by outsider Maurice Trintignant, in a Ferrari 625 it was to be his first F1 race victory, he proved a point by repeating his victory in 1958.
    Sadly double world champion Alberto Ascari; was killed four days later testing a Ferrari sports car at Monza.
    I hope you enjoy you quest in seeking out rare or interesting F1 Memorabilia; I feel that the Monaco Grand Prix is an excellent place to start your collection.
    Tony Selby
    Motorsports memorabilia

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  • Motor racing memorabilia

    Posted on October 7, 2011 by Selby

    Motor Racing Memorabilia

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Michael Schumacher is probably the biggest
    name in the history of F1 motor racing, seven times F1 champion he ranks
    alongside Senna,  Moss, Fangio, Brabham, Clark, to name but a few of the
    whose personae has withstood the passage of time.

    Michael Schumacher motor racing memorabilia is not in short supply
    however it is an essential part of an enthusiast’s collection.

    Some celebrities are reserved when it comes to signing autographs conversely
    in Michael’s case he is only too happy to oblige his vast array of fans all
    over the world.

    The variety of collectables from the
    F1 scene
    would include race worn attire, signed racing helmets, signed
    photographs, presentations, programmes, paddock tickets, trophies and medals.

    For example I have in my collection excellent examples of signed
    Ferrari caps, hand signed photos and Presentation sets.

    Whether he should have returned to F1 at the age 41 remains a
    matter of conjecture and I wish him the best of success in the remainder of this
    season and forthcoming events.

    Michael is currently making some great starts and improving his
    position in fine style when the lights go out. I look forward to some rain as
    this is when he is most likely to get on the podium in 2011

    I have written below a
    brief précis of Michael’s outstanding racing record.

    Michael Schumacher (1969) was born in Hurth
    West Germany
    , he began his motor racing career in 1988 driving for Eufra
    Racing in the Euro Formula Ford 1600 series, his first win was in the Formula
    Konig Series that same year, in 1990 he had two wins in the German Formula 3
    and the Macau Grand Prix where he had a controversial incident with Mikka (MH
    drove into the back of MS car on the final lap), driving for WTS racing, his F
    1 debut was in 1991 at the Belgium Grand Prix driving for the Jordan Ford set
    up, on this occasion he retired on Lap 1 with mechanical problems. The following
    year he achieved a remarkable third position in the drivers’ championship, followed
    by fourth position in 1993 a season that saw many mechanical induced retirements.

    It was in 1994 that the glory years began, he won the drivers’
    championship in both 1994/5, in 1996 he switched to the Scuderia Ferrari
    through to 2006 around this time it was impossible to walk into a pub on a
    Sunday without seeing the red Ferrari again leading the field, this was the
    season that cemented his fame and saw him win another five world championships.
    Michael announced his retirement from F1 racing at the end of the 2006 season, he was always there working in the background  continuing his involvement in F1, test
    driving and operating in an advisory capacity for Ferrari before sensationally
    announcing his return to racing in 2010 when the Mercedes GP team confirmed a
    three year contract.

    It is worth remembering that during his most competitive years he
    was racing alongside some very highly regarded drivers such as Mikka Hakkinen(think
    back to that incident at Macau)  which
    made for great racing and riveting TV viewing.

    At the peak of his career Michael was listed as the number 2
    highest earning sportsman in the world behind Tiger Woods and ahead of Phil
    Mickelson, which says something for the risk free rewards of golf.

    I am always interested in adding to my collection of motor racing
    memorabilia and would be please to speak
    with anyone
    who wishes to sell genuine hand signed collectables.

    I have recently written an article Autographs
    real of fake
    which readers may find of interest

    Tony Selby

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