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  • Michael Phelps Olympic Memorabilia

    Posted on February 9, 2012 by Selby


    Michael Phelps Olympic Memorabilia

    As Olympics 2012 approaches we have noticed more and more requests for information about Olympic Memorabilia.

    One of the most popular events is Swimming, Relay, Freestyle, Backstroke, and Marathon  are all great viewing and many people now require a more permanent memory of the Games, an item of Michael Phelps Olympic Memorabilia,

    Of great interest is the 9 times Gold Medallist Michael Phelps. By Olympic standards he is the most successful all round contestant ever, Swimming Memorabilia recognising his remarkable achievements are always sought after by Collectors and Fans alike.


    A little history

    Competition Swimming can be traced in England as having taken place in the early 1800s under the auspices of the National Swimming Council.

    1894 saw the formation of the International Olympic Committee, a decision was made to include four swimming events 100m freestyle,1200m, 500m and a special 100m event for seafarers.

    Olympic Swimming Memorabilia from these early days is very rare and therefore highly collectable I do not personally have any Collectables relating to this era. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has items in their collection. Most of the original Memorabilia from these early events are housed at the International Swimming Hall of Fame Museum and Aquatic complex in Fort Lauderdale.

    Michael Phelps

     Michael Phelps was born in Maryland  USA  in 1985 he is the winner of 16 Olympic Medals -  6 Gold and 2 Bronze at Athens 2004 and 8 Gold whilst dominating the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He is the winner of the most Gold Medals achieved in a single year overtaking legendary Mark Spitz’s collection of 7 won at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. He has been named swimmer of the year 6 times and American swimmer of the year 8 times.

    Competing in the 2008 Olympics at the Water Cube he won his Gold in the 100m /200m Butterfly: 4x100/4x200 freestyle relay: 4x100 Medley Relay. He achieved Silver in the 200m Freestyle.

    Two years later in the Pan Pacific Championship: Gold in the 100mbutterfly, 200m butterfly, 4x100/ 4x200 freestyle relay and the 4x100 medley relay.

    Bob Bowman the Olympic Champions Coach renowned for his strong opinions is an accomplished concert pianist with a degree in phycology, his analytical approach to coaching/mentoring assisted Michael in his unprecedented Olympic record of 8 Gold in a single year.

    Bob legendary for his coaching abilities is regarded by many as the most successful coach ever. What a combination???

    USA Swimming have appointed Bob as official coach for the 2012 Olympics in London which is sure to lead to more Gold more Records and more Memorabilia.

    With the 2012 London Olympics starting in just 5 months, Bowman looks set to continue his success with Michael Phelps and other up and coming athletes.

    Swimming is something of a family event; Michael’s siblings are also Champion Swimmers.  His sister Hilary represented the University of Richmond whilst Whitney took part in the in the 1996 Olympic Swimming Trials.

    Michael actively supports charities having set up his own Michael Phelps Foundation in 2008.


    Michael Phelps Olympic Memorabilia would include the following Events

     Sydney Games 2000

     2001 World Aquatics Championship

    2001 World Championship in Fukuoka

    2003 World Championships Barcelona

    2004 Athens Olympics

    2004 World Championship Indianapolis

    2005 World Championships Montreal

    2007 World Championship Melbourne 

    2008 US Olympic Swimming Trials Omaha

    2008 Beijing Olympics National Aquatic Centre



    Collectables which are sought after include:

    Presentations and Montage (very popular for Olympic Events)

    Event ticket and programmes and passes (must be official issue not reprint)

    Swimwear caps and armbands (for the serious collector)

    Signed Sports Illustrated (watch out for copy)

    Signed first day issues (signature must be onto the issue not photographed)

    Signed USA Swimming Caps (for the serious collector)


    Signed Posters

    Autographed Fans of the Game Cards

    .Pins and Participation Medals

    Swimming Memorabilia which I currently own includes:

    Ian James Thorpe, Adrian Moorehouse, Duncan Goodhew, Johnny Weismuller Sharron Davies and Mark Spitz, Kristin Otto.
    There are various events which I am looking to collect they include:

    Water Polo team 1924 Paris Olympics

    Michael Phelps Sidney 2000

    Mark Phelps Athens 2004

    Shane Gould Munich 1972

    Kristin Otto Seoul 1988

    Ferenc Csik Berlin 1936

    Michael Wenden Mexico 1968

    Mark Spitz Munich 1972

    Michael Phelps Olympic Memorabilia will be even more popular later this summer I wish him every success in the 2012 Olympic Games.

    An article I have published on my Website is well worth the read for prospective Collectors Rare autographs real or fake, purchasing Signed Material from popular Internet auction sites is fraught with ambiguity, receiving the genuine article is not always the case, avoid disappointment.

    Good luck with collecting
    Written by Tony Selby

    Olympic memorabilia.

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  • Sharron Davies Olympics Memorabilia

    Posted on January 5, 2012 by Selby

    Sharron Davies Olympics Memorabilia is always in demand, featuring from time to time at Auction sales and occasionally available to purchase online. We have noticed a surge in demand for Olympics Memorabilia as the 2012 Olympic games are now becoming ever closer, eagerly awaited by sports fans worldwide.
    Sharron Davies (1962) MBE, Olympic Champion Swimmer from Plymouth is one of the UK’s best known and popular sportswomen. Sharron learned to swim at the early age of five and had begun a serious training programme coached by her father before reaching her eighth birthday.
    Having represented GB as a swimmer at the young age of eleven Sharron was selected to represent her country in 1976 at the Montreal Summer Olympics, the following year she won two Bronze medals in the 1977 European Championships. In the 1978 Commonwealth Games Sharron won gold in both the 200m and 400m individual medleys respectively, along with a further silver and bronze.
    In 1980 at the Moscow Olympics Sharron narrowly missed out on winning Gold behind Petra Schneider of East Germany, in a controversial 400m individual medley.
    At the mere age of 18 she decided to retire from swimming, leaving to concentrate on her media career. Her break was short lived and she returned to serious training in 1989 competing as Ladies Captain in the 1990 Commonwealth Games winning Silver and Bronze medals.
    By the time Sharron formally retired from competitive swimming in 1994 she had achieved an enviable, British Champion 20 times, broken 200 British Swimming and 5 world Masters Records.
    Sharron Davies Olympics Memorabilia sought after by collectors includes: hand signed presentations, swimwear, caps, autographs, event programmes, tickets, passes and signed photographs. Memorabilia is associated not only with the sports personality but with the event featured. Of particular interest to me are collectables associated with Edmonton 1978 and the so nearly won controversial 400m, at the 1980 Olympics. However Sharron Davies memorabilia will always be of interest to the collector,
    Sharron Davies has worked with the television media as a presenter and carried out numerous charitable events helping worthwhile causes centred on children and the disabled. Her own annual event “Swim for Life” has over the last 15 years raised huge sums for assortment charitable causes.
    With her charismatic personality and energy, popularity as a TV presenter was always inevitable. Her appearances range from Breakfast shows, quiz challenges and guest appearances to presenting and commentating on sport for the BBC.
    As a BBC commentator she has been a key team member in the coverage of many Olympic and sports events, she has twice been voted British Press Sportswoman of the year.
    She brightened up Sunday evenings last year with her performances in Dancing on ice.
    In 1993 Sharron Davies was awarded the MBE by the Queen for her services to sport.
    In 2006 as a spokesperson on BBC Question time Sharron promoted and supported the successful bid to bring the Olympic Games to London 2012.
    Interestingly there is a Statue modelled by Sharron Davies positioned outside the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.
    I would advise purchasers of Sharron Davies Olympics Memorabilia to carry out due diligence, especially if buying on the internet. When attending an auction you have an opportunity to examine the item prior to sale, this gives you the chance to establish authenticity. I have recently written an article titled “Rare autographs real or fake,” I would advise readers to take a look at this as it offers lots of constructive advice specifically about making online auction purchases and may well save you money. After all when purchasing a collectable associated with a Swimming Legend you do need to ensure it is the real thing.
    A Few Stats
    During her illustrious career Sharron Davies competed in the Olympics, European Championships and Commonwealth Games winning two Gold three Silver and four Bronze Medals all achieved at International levels.
    1980 Moscow Silver 400m
    European Championship (GB)
    1977 Jonkoping Bronze 400m – Bronze 4x100m Freestyle
    Commonwealth Games
    1978 Edmonton Gold 200m,Gold 400m,Silver 4 x 100m Freestyle, Bronze 4 x 100m medley.
    1990 Auckland Silver 4 x 200m Freestyle, Bronze 4 x 100m Freestyle.

    Tony Selby
    Olympics Memorabilia

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