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  • Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia

    Posted on January 4, 2012 by Selby


    Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia
    Wimbledon is the prestigious home of Tennis, forever synominous with strawberry teas, champagne and heroic Tennis Champions. Collecting Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia sourced from events at the Annual Championships can be a rewarding and interesting hobby.
    Wimbledon championships are regarded as the World premier Tennis tournament, one of the four Grand Slam events; it is played on grass courts during the last 2 weeks of June and the first week in August each year. The venue is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon London UK, it is a private club founded in 1868.
    Ironically the rules of the game were originally administered by the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) Rules that have changed little, other than small details, mainly affecting the parameters of the playing area, nets, posts and markings.
    The first Tennis Championship Men’s Singles took place in 1877; it was won by an old Harrovian racquets player Spencer Gore (played cricket for Surrey) who became the first Wimbledon Tennis Champion.
    The Wimbledon Tennis Champion with the most titles is Martina Navratilova the legendary ladies player who holds the record 9 singles titles whilst William Renshaw and Pete Sampras hold 7 singles titles each.
    Collectors of Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia often decide to concentrate on specific areas of the game some may collect in the Post War or Pre War areas concentrating on Singles, Doubles, Men or Lady winners and other individual competitors or maybe just accumulate a collection of Men singles winners, if this was applied to Pre War years it would certainly make for interesting collecting and the makings of a valuable portfolio.
    Of particular interest to me as a collector are the years 1934 to 1937, a memorable period for British Tennis, when a total of 11 titles were recorded, including three singles in succession by tennis icon Fred Perry and two by Dorothy Round.
    During the same period Great Britain successfully defended the Davis Cup three times in Challenge Rounds which were staged on the Centre Court. The years prior to World War 11; belonged to the United States. Donald Budge who won all three events in 1937 and 1938, Helen Wills Moody won the Ladies' Singles for the eighth time and Alice Marble brought the game further recognition and popularity with her powerful accurate serve and enduring volleys.
    Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia associated with events prior to 1939 is always sought after, as are Match Programmes, Autographs, Match worn attire, Rackets, Balls, original Sepia Press Photographs, Paintings, Signed Presentations and all Major / Memorable event paraphernalia.
    Pre-war players who’s Tennis Memorabilia from time to time becomes available would include Gerald Patterson, Fred Perry, Don Budge, Jack Crawford, Lew Hoad, Ashley Cooper, Bill Tilden, and Ellsworth Vines. Collectables associated with names of this calibre are always in demand.
    Post war favourites include Jack Kramer, Pancho Segura, Pancho Gonzales, Dick Savitt, Ken Rosewall, Rod Laver, John Newcombe, llie Nastase, Stan Smith, Tony Roche.
    In latter days Tennis Memorabilia is far more prevalent and therefore easily available this is mainly due to official signings taking place around tournament schedules.
    I would personally have a number of examples of framed authentic collectables from classic Wimbledon Contests featuring players such as Ashe, Connors, Borg, Agassi, Sampras, Becker, Federer and Nadal, Mc Enroe, Roddick and Henman.
    Increasing numbers of purchasers are delighted to have framed pictures, featuring memorable events which depict modern day tennis heroes, taking pride of place in homes and offices.
    A number of Auction houses up and down the country hold sales of Sports memorabilia such as Knights Sporting, Christies and Bonham’s, get an online copy of the sale brochure and check the terms and conditions, auctions usually charge around 17.5% -22% commission so you need to factor this plus any other additional costs, such as VAT on certain items offered from abroad, into the price. The advantage of visiting auctions is that you can closely examine the items at viewings prior to purchase, giving you time to research, price and document the articles of interest.
    Purchasing online is a different matter, you need to be extremely careful regarding authenticity, much of the memorabilia sold online is described in a way which may mislead and often “autographs” turn out to be copies. I recently wrote an article “Rare Autographs Real or Fake”, this article demonstrates the pitfalls that can occur when making online purchases and offers good advice to the would be purchaser.
    Wimbledon Tennis Memorabilia is an essential part of any collection and I wish you well whilst pursuing this fascinating hobby.
    Let me know how you get on!!
    Tony Selby
    Tennis Memorabilia

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  • JPR Williams Rugby Memorabilia

    Posted on January 3, 2012 by Selby


    JPR Williams the former Rugby fullback is noted for his legendary performances when playing for Wales his home country and the British Lions. His achievements both on and off the field have led to an increasing demand in Rugby Memorabilia associated with his many successes.
    JPR (1949) was Capped for Wales in 1969, during his career for Wales he was Capped a total of 55 times, he received a further 8 Caps playing for the British Lions.
    JPR is often described as a model sportsman, everything required of the competitive full back, combining talent, pace, fearless tackling and an uncompromising attacking ability. JPR is rated by many astute fans as the best full back ever.
    Growing up near to Bridgend in South Wales JPR was educated locally prior to attending Millfield Public School in Somerset. He showed a keen interest in both Rugby and Tennis and in fact in 1966 when competing for a British junior singles title at Wimbledon he beat the legendary Tennis star and Sports Club owner David Lloyd 6-4, 6-4 he went on to win the World Junior Title in Canada the following year.
    JPR had always made his medical studies his first priority rather than professional sports so at the start of the Open era in1968, which saw a number of tournaments allowing professional players to compete with amateurs, he decided to concentrate more on Rugby, which fitted in with his medical plans.
    A few Test stats 1969 – 1981:
    International debut 2/3/69 Wales Scotland at Murrayfield won 17-3
    Final appearance 7/2/81 Wales Scotland at Murrayfield lost 15-6
    In 1981 completed 12 careers wins over England without loss.
    Wales captain 5 times (1978 – 79) Champion and Triple Crown seasons
    A few Test Stats
    Capped: 55
    Points: 36
    Tries: 6
    Penalties: 3
    Conversions: 2
    Drop goal: 0
    JPR was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 1997.
    JPR Williams Rugby Memorabilia for Collectors: Specific categories of items of interest to me pertaining to this article and the era of JPR would include the following peer players: Gareth Edwards, Barry John, Bob Hiller Andy Irvine, John Taylor, Phil Bennett, Hadyn Tanner, Mervyn Davies, Shane Williams, Scott Gibbs, John Dawes, the list goes on, all the players from that golden era are collectable if the opportunity arises and costs equate.
    Matches of particular interest to me include: Wales defeat France 9-5 in Paris Grand Slam 1971, British Lions tour of NZ, 1971 all four Tests interesting (preference for fourth test), The final Wales v Scotland(18-19) 1971 at Murrayfield, Wales v England(30-9) at Cardiff in the 1969 Five Nations to win Triple Crown and Championship.
    Items of memorabilia to consider include: signed presentations, match worn attire, blazers, badges, programmes, tour agendas, signed photographs, autographs, painting and pictures.
    Purchasing signed collectables online has many pitfalls, I have recently written an article called “rare autographs real or fake” which will give the reader an insight into what to watch out for and make their online or auction experience less expensive and more enjoyable.
    Tony Selby
    Rugby Memorabilia

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  • New Google Group - Sports Memorabilia

    Posted on October 28, 2011 by Selby

    Tony Selby has recently created a New Google Group Sports memorabilia
    The primary objective of this New Google Group is to promote interest in the collection and valuation of Authentic Sports Collectables especially Cricket, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Baseball, Motor Racing, Tennis, Snooker and much more.
    Collecting Sports Memorabilia is a hobby/small business that is becoming ever popular and within this growing community we aim to become a forum for members where fellow collectors can exchange information, ask questions give opinions, offer to value, purchase or sell their collectables.
    We hope to include information about forthcoming sales, realised prices and exchange images of interesting items from all areas of Sports Memorabilia . Our members will be encouraged to contribute articles and hopefully attend informal 6 monthly meetings at which interesting Collectables can be exhibited.
    Anyone who is interested in Sports Collectables is welcome to join this New Google Group and participate from the beginning in establishing what should become an interesting and worthwhile Focal Point.
    Cricket Memorabilia

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  • Gary Sobers Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on October 28, 2011 by Selby

    Sir Gary Sobers cricket memorabilia is not prolific and therefore rarely available, memorabilia from the occasion when in First Class cricket he hit six sixes in a single six ball over from six consecutive deliveries in the Notts Glamorgan classic at Swansea would be a welcome addition to any collectors portfolio the unfortunate bowler Malcolm Nash.
    Sobers received his belated knighthood in 1976 for his services to cricket. As an all-rounder cricketer he really does epitomise the skills of bowling batting and fielding, born in Barbados home to the Kensington Oval in the West Indies regarded by many as the (Caribbean mecca of cricket)
    It is amazing to think that in those days that as a retired club professional a cricketer of that era attached to English club would receive around 500£ a season and a small match day bonus it certainly put cricket memorabilia and autograph fee into perspective In the modern commercial world.
    He showed flair for the usual Caribbean sports cricket football and basketball but decided at his youthful age to concentrate his attentions on the Kent St Philip cricket club which played in the Barbados Cricket League as a Barbadian it seemed the natural thing to do. He developed his skills as a left arm spin to fast medium bowler/ with the bat he was renowned for a huge range of strokes his speciality a brilliant square cut
    Made his first class appearance in 1953 aged 16 his test debut was to be the following year versus England in Kingston Jamaica.
    Cricket Collectables have a selection of memorabilia associated with this era.
    Tony Selby

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  • Autographs Real or Fake

    Posted on October 12, 2011 by Selby

    I recently wrote an article rare autographs real or fake and thought this snippet may be of interest, it is obviously not related or implied in any way to the context of my article rare autograhs real or fake but hopefully demonstates the care required in any authentication of sports memorabilia

    Steiner caught in ‘fake’ document dust-up

    More Print

    Brandon Steiner, who has risen to the top of the cutthroat spo

    rts memorabilia game by selling indisputably authentic balls, bats and autographs, has become ensnared in a legal tussle over, of all things, filing a fake document in a nasty labor dispute.

    A state appellate court yesterday found that Steiner Sports Marketing “submitted a fabricated agreement” with the trial court containing a one-year non-compete clause -- in an attempt to keep a former employee from jumping to a rival company.

    Lawyers for New Rochelle-based Steiner Sports claim the former employee, Steven Weinreb, changed pages of the employment pact and that it was an innocent victim of the switcheroo.

    Facts surrounding the case are admittedly murky.

    Both sides admit Steiner gave Weinreb an employment contract with a one-year non-compete clause. Weinreb’s legal eagles with Kaufmann, Gildin, Robbins and Oppenheim claim he revised it to a one-month deal, signed it and didn’t tell Steiner of the moves.

    In an attempt to keep Weinreb from jumping to a rival, Steiner presented to the trial court a contract containing a one-year non-compete. Oddly, it also found in its files an unsigned contract with a one-month non-compete.

    A forensics expert found that the signature page of the one-year non-compete document matched the first four pages of the one-month non-compete contract.

    Steiner Sports now admits the one-year non-compete contract is a fake -- but claims an innocent reshuffling of the document created the fabricated document.

    However, it was shown before the trial court that the agreement was stapled, ripped apart and re-stapled.

    Steiner Sports partners with the New York Yankees and other organizations to sell game-used balls and jerseys. The company’s slogan is “The Steiner Seal Means It’s Real.”

    The appeals court decision yesterday does not settle the question of who is responsible for the fabricated document. That may be determined at the trial court -- where the appellant panel sent the case for a second look.
    table style="background-color: #fff; padding: 5px;" cellspacing=0>

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  • Godfrey Evans Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on October 12, 2011 by Selby

    Godfrey Evans Cricket Memorabilia
    Godfrey Evans has been described as probably the finest Wicketkeeper in the world of cricket in both post and pre-war periods.
    I personally only have small amount of Godfrey Evans Cricket memorabilia a signed photo and a pair of keeper gloves, which is a shame as he stayed at my parents’ house in July 1958 at the time England played New Zealand in the fourth test at Old Trafford, he must have enjoyed it England won by an innings and 13 runs.
    Sports memorabilia obtained from cricket test series especially The Ashes is ever popular and there are some good examples available.
    Godfrey (1920-1999) was a charismatic, inspirational person both on and off the field, always known for his good humour and seemingly endless energy he was more often associated with his time behind the stumps yet he was a also a very capable lower order right hand bat who demonstrated his fast scoring abilities in both test and county cricket he was born in Middlesex and played for Kent 1939-1967.
    His Test debut came in 1946 against India at the Oval and ironically his last Test in 1959 was against the same opponents this time fittingly at Lords.
    During his Test career he was responsible for taking an outstanding 219 wickets in a total of 91 test appearances if you take into account first class matches this total goes up to an enviable 1066 dismissals, in 1951 he was honoured as Wisden Cricketer of the year.
    With the bat he achieved an average of 20.5 and 21.5 in Test and First Class cricket respectively, this included two test centuries and eight 50s, in First Class cricket a very respectable 7/62. His top score in Test Cricket was 104 and 144 in First class matches.
    In later years whilst enjoying his retirement Godfrey could be found in the Ladbrokes betting tent at Lords where he usually applied his astute cricket opinions to a variety of betting odds which he would often chalk on the board himself.
    I can’t finish this article without recalling the 1981 Test at Headingley when with Australia firm favourites Godfrey offered 500/1 England to win. The second innings was the occasion of Botham’s mesmerising performance at the crease, batting at number 7 he scored 149 not out in the finest style, Bob Willis then took 7 wickets and the rest is history as they say.
    Sports Memorabilia from the Headingley Test is fairly prevalent but must surely bring back some fantastic memories for the owner.
    I have recently written an article rare autographs real or fake which I would strongly advise prospective collectors to read prior to purchasing any hand signed item of memorabilia.
    Tony Selby

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  • Cricket Memorabilia W.G Grace

    Posted on October 11, 2011 by Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia associated with William Gilbert Grace (1848-1915) is a welcome addition to any collection, I am fortunate to have purchased at auction the book Cricket hand signed by Grace this I would regard as one of my most highly prized collectables certainly one of my most expensive purchases of sports memorabilia.

    If most people had to name a famous cricketer from the past it is almost certain that they would nominate Grace, who could well be regarded as the most famous amateur cricketer of all time, his image is as easily recognisable and as familiar as any of the famous cricketing drawings .
    WGG a right handed all-rounder hailed from a cricketing family his sporting interests included athletics 440 yard hurdling and football. He enrolled at Bristol medical school and qualified as a medical practitioner in 1879 which confirmed his long standing position as an amateur cricketer.
    The pavilion at Lords CC in St Johns Wood London is home to the world’s oldest museum of sports memorabilia, whilst the museum contains a wide range of exhibits it is also home to that elusive trophy of cricket “The Ashes”, WGG is well represented by the famous plaster of Paris Bust donated by his widow Agnes in 1919, a number of portraits and other cricket memorabilia.
    Indeed anyone who has enjoyed watching cricket at Lords CC most probably entered the ground through the ornamental Grace Gates entrance situated on the St Johns wood road. The gates were erected in 1923 and include the word “the greatest cricketer” in the dedication, what a fitting tribute at the home of cricket.
    Grace who originated from Bristol began playing County Cricket for Gloucestershire in 1862. By 1864 he was making appearances at Lords and the Oval, culminating in his First Class debut in 1865 playing for Gentlemen of the South. I have included below a brief précis of his playing career:
    His First Class career which began in 1865 continued until 1908 during which he achieved 126 Centuries at an average of just under 40 runs. With the ball 2809 wickets at an average of 18.14, add to that 876 First Class Catches and what a remarkable career he had!!!
    In later life he enjoyed participating in Golf, Lawn Tennis and Curling an excellent participant sport which originated in Scotland in the 1600S and could be likened to Bowls or Shuffleboard on ice. The Royal Caledonian Curling Club in the definitive governing body for the game should anyone wishes to pursue this enjoyable game. Curling sports memorabilia is not at all common and would great to exhibit.
    Tony Selby
    Cricket memorabilia

    sports memorabilia
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  • Roger Bannister Athletics Memorabilia

    Posted on October 10, 2011 by Selby

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Roger Bannister Athletic Memorabilia
    Sir Roger Bannister (1929) is the person forever synonymous with the breaking of the famous 4 minute mile and that was achieved on a cinder track in adverse weather conditions.
    Athletics ‘ memorabilia is always in demand with particular interest in Olympics memorabilia, one special period of interest would be the 1952 Olympics, I am always interested in purchasing for example presentations, race attire, hand signed photos, programmes, tickets, medals and other Olympic paraphernalia along with sports memorabilia from athletic track and field events.
    Bannister has carried out a number of signings notably one for the Irish Milers club at the City West Hotel Dublin.

    Roger was born in England and attended Harrow the public school situated in North West London prior to Oxford University. I mention his attendance at school and college as both institutions have always held, encouraged and supported amateur athletic events. (In 1953 the Surrey school Athletic Association introduced the mile race to its programme of events).
    Although a tremendous achievement at the time and in the circumstances, the mile is nowadays occasionally run in less than 4 minutes by top track athletes. Training in the late 1940s early 1950s was considered light compared to modern day standards, and then there are all sorts of other considerations such as kit, diet, motivational aspects etc.
    Bannister’s running career began whilst at Oxford in 1946 it was there after noticeable improvements in his running times that he began to train seriously, he set his sights on the 1952 Olympic games to be held in Helsinki, Bannister now training at an international level, his times improving, his confidence heightened, although finishing in fourth place set a British record in the 1500m.
    Following his 1952 Olympics efforts, Bannister considered giving up running however fortunately instead he set himself a new goal: To beat the four minute mile. To achieve this he drew up a concerted training programme which would require all of his perseverance and concentration, fitting this in with his medical studies at St Mary’s Hospital medical school took a lot of time management and dedication.
    His first attempt at the four minute mile was at Oxford in 1953 when he was paced by the now famous track athlete Chris Chataway, who was later to establish his own career. This was the race where Bannister realised that the four minute mile was just possibly within his reach.
    Bannister was not the only athlete at this time who was attempting to break the four minute mile, American Wes Santee and Australian John Landy were both competing around the 4.02 mark, Bannister who closely followed Landy’s efforts became concerned that the athlete would succeed with each attempt and realised that he had to make his record breaking attempt soon.
    On May 6th 1954 at Oxford competing for the British Amateur Athletic Associating in front of a few thousand spectators Roger Bannister made history, in the company of Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway he broke the 4 minute barrier achieving a time of 3.59.4, at the age of 25 Bannister had made history.
    Bannister was knighted in in 1975 for his service to Sport England.
    Sports memorabilia from the 1954 event is sought after and there is only a limited amount available I am fortunate to have a hand signed photo of Bannister at the event.
    Tony Selby
    Sports memorabilia

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  • Motor racing memorabilia

    Posted on October 7, 2011 by Selby

    Motor Racing Memorabilia

    A sports memorabilia blog
    Michael Schumacher is probably the biggest
    name in the history of F1 motor racing, seven times F1 champion he ranks
    alongside Senna,  Moss, Fangio, Brabham, Clark, to name but a few of the
    whose personae has withstood the passage of time.

    Michael Schumacher motor racing memorabilia is not in short supply
    however it is an essential part of an enthusiast’s collection.

    Some celebrities are reserved when it comes to signing autographs conversely
    in Michael’s case he is only too happy to oblige his vast array of fans all
    over the world.

    The variety of collectables from the
    F1 scene
    would include race worn attire, signed racing helmets, signed
    photographs, presentations, programmes, paddock tickets, trophies and medals.

    For example I have in my collection excellent examples of signed
    Ferrari caps, hand signed photos and Presentation sets.

    Whether he should have returned to F1 at the age 41 remains a
    matter of conjecture and I wish him the best of success in the remainder of this
    season and forthcoming events.

    Michael is currently making some great starts and improving his
    position in fine style when the lights go out. I look forward to some rain as
    this is when he is most likely to get on the podium in 2011

    I have written below a
    brief précis of Michael’s outstanding racing record.

    Michael Schumacher (1969) was born in Hurth
    West Germany
    , he began his motor racing career in 1988 driving for Eufra
    Racing in the Euro Formula Ford 1600 series, his first win was in the Formula
    Konig Series that same year, in 1990 he had two wins in the German Formula 3
    and the Macau Grand Prix where he had a controversial incident with Mikka (MH
    drove into the back of MS car on the final lap), driving for WTS racing, his F
    1 debut was in 1991 at the Belgium Grand Prix driving for the Jordan Ford set
    up, on this occasion he retired on Lap 1 with mechanical problems. The following
    year he achieved a remarkable third position in the drivers’ championship, followed
    by fourth position in 1993 a season that saw many mechanical induced retirements.

    It was in 1994 that the glory years began, he won the drivers’
    championship in both 1994/5, in 1996 he switched to the Scuderia Ferrari
    through to 2006 around this time it was impossible to walk into a pub on a
    Sunday without seeing the red Ferrari again leading the field, this was the
    season that cemented his fame and saw him win another five world championships.
    Michael announced his retirement from F1 racing at the end of the 2006 season, he was always there working in the background  continuing his involvement in F1, test
    driving and operating in an advisory capacity for Ferrari before sensationally
    announcing his return to racing in 2010 when the Mercedes GP team confirmed a
    three year contract.

    It is worth remembering that during his most competitive years he
    was racing alongside some very highly regarded drivers such as Mikka Hakkinen(think
    back to that incident at Macau)  which
    made for great racing and riveting TV viewing.

    At the peak of his career Michael was listed as the number 2
    highest earning sportsman in the world behind Tiger Woods and ahead of Phil
    Mickelson, which says something for the risk free rewards of golf.

    I am always interested in adding to my collection of motor racing
    memorabilia and would be please to speak
    with anyone
    who wishes to sell genuine hand signed collectables.

    I have recently written an article Autographs
    real of fake
    which readers may find of interest

    Tony Selby

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  • Rocky Marciano boxing memorabilia

    Posted on October 6, 2011 by Selby

    A sports memorabilia blog

    Rocky Marciano Boxing Memorabilia
    Rocky Marciano, is the only undefeated Heavyweight Champion in history he is deservedly regarded as a boxing legend arguably thought of by many as the “best”, when you read his stats below you will understand why!!
    His incredible boxing statistics make awesome reading: Record: 49 Wins, 0 Loss, 43 Knockouts.
    Rocky Marciano Boxing Memorabilia is in short supply and as such would be a welcome addition to a collector’s portfolio.
    Highly sought after boxing collectables would include fight worn attire, autographed boxing gloves, hand signed fight programmes, mono sepia press photos and other associated match related boxing paraphernalia, I have listed items of particular interest to me at the end of this blog.
    A bit about the man himself, Rocky (1923-69) of Italian American origin was born in Massachusetts where he excelled at Baseball, by the age of 15 he was making a name for himself playing centre for Brockton High school. Any Baseball memorabilia from this period would be of great interest to me.
    His boxing interest became evident during his spell in the army at Swansea South Wales, whilst he was stationed in Europe for two years during World War 2.
    On his return to the USA in 1945 he entered several army tournaments but it was not until St Patrick’s Day 1947 that he fought his first professional bout when he defeated Lee Epperson a fancied amateur who was also making his pro debut, in a third round knockout. It is reported that as the crowd deserved at least seven rounds the promoter paid him $35 instead of the agreed $50 (brave man) he soon became known as the Brockton Blockbuster.
    Rocky went on to achieve an incredible record of 49 wins, 0 losses, 43 knockouts.
    He retired from boxing at the age of 31, not wishing to follow in Joe Louis steps, a comeback which he regarded as a mistake.
    After his retirement Rocky attended many promotional events and was pleased to make personal appearances, he often travelled to these venues by private aircraft.
    Rocky Marciano was tragically killed in light aircraft crash in 1969.
    Boxing memorabilia that I would like to include in my collection would be specifically from the six occasions when he defended his title; however any autographed RM material would be of interest especially from the fights listed below:
    Oct 26 1951 v Joe Louis New York KO round 8
    May 16 1955 v Don Cockell in San Francisco KO round 9
    Sep 1955 v Archie Moore New York KO round 9
    Sep 1952 v Joe Walcott Philadelphia
    Written by Tony Selby

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