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  • Australian Cricket Collectables

    Posted on October 30, 2012 by Selby

    Ashes Memorabilia

    Cricketana derived from the Ashes Test Series is number one on most collectors’ wish lists.

    The notes I have made below are ones I use as a “memory jog” when sourcing Collectables, first a few word about the Ashes series.

    The Ashes have been played for between England and Australia since 1882, this highlight of international cricket is celebrated biennially in alternate hemispheres, England and Australia it is from these series that the best cricket memorabilia is available

    The series was named from a Sporting Times newspaper article in 1882 which suggested that English cricket was so poor it had died and that its dying ashes should be cremated and transported to Australia, this satirical comment led to the English press quoting the forthcoming England (Ivo Bligh’s X1) tour to Australia 1882/83 “the quest to regain the Ashes”

    Australia won the 1st Test at Melbourne on 30/12 by 9 wickets, however England found form winning the 2nd test also at Melbourne, excellent bowling by (Bates 7/27 - 7/74) followed by a win for the tourists at Sydney and possession of the Ashes. Note: (4 ball overs)

    Cricket Memorabilia from early Ashes contests is sought after by collectors, tour itineraries, completed scorecards, programmes; sepia photographs, (RPP) postcards, dinner menus and rare autographs are in short supply.

    Of particular interest to me are the Ashes series, 1882 to the years immediately after World War 2, up to the very popular 1948 series. It is important to note that outstanding performances during a match, individual or team, add to the collectors enthusiasm.

    Australia v England 1911-12

    England won the series 4 -1, Jack Hobbs scored 3 centuries whilst Sydney Barnes took 34 wickets at an average of 22.80 per wicket, Frank Foster 32 wickets for 22 runs, Hobbs scored 187, 126 not out in the 2nd innings, my preference would be the 3rd test at the Adelaide Oval. Barnes took 8 wickets

    During the series Foster and Barnes shared 66 of the 95 Australian wickets taken, Hobbs, Rhodes, Woolley and Jack Hearne scored centuries making their names in the series from the collector’s point of view. The batting combination of Hobbs and Rhodes, 147 opening stand at Adelaide is especially attractive when signed photos, scorecards are available for the 3rd test, bearing both autographs

    It should be that noted that Frank Woolley scored 305 not out for the MCC at Hobart Tasmania in 219 minutes, feats such as this do not seem to attract the same premium and are more readily available than Ashes items

    A signed postcard (part of a tour itinerary) was available some time ago of Hordern who took 32 England wickets in the series, this is an item of cricket memorabilia both sought after and not overtly expensive.

    Cricket Autographs from this match are rare; occasionally action photographs are sold from collections and are a good long term investment

    Below I have listed a number of significant Ashes contests, the point being to associate the appertaining memorabilia with the player/ match i.e. I have a Mead signed photograph taken when he scored 182 not out at Old Trafford, completed signed scorecards would be even better.


    England won the series 4 - 1

    England v Australia 1921

    1st test Trent Bridge Gregory (aus) 6/58 Mc Donald (aus) 5/32,

    4th test Old Trafford  Parkin  5/38

    5th test Kennington Oval, Mead 182 not out

    From a batting perspective in the series Woolley, Macartney and Bardsley would be my favourites

    England did not win a match – good series for Australian cricket memorabilia

    England v Australia 1926

    5th test Kennington Oval

    Jack Hobbs, Herbert Sutcliffe stand of 172 Hobbs 100, Sutcliffe 161

    I have a signed scorecard by Sutcliffe and Hobbs any associated cricket collectables are well worthwhile, with Gregory (aus) and Mailey (aus) even better.

    Mailey took 13 wickets with Grimmett and Tate 13 apiece

    England regained the Ashes in the final test following 4 draws

    Australia v England 1928/29

    1st test Brisbane,

    Hendron 169, White 4/7

    2nd test Sydney,

    Hammond 251

    3rd test Melbourne

    1st innings Hammond 200, 2nd innings Sutcliffe 135

    4th test Adelaide

    Hammond 119 -177

    5th test Melbourne

    Hammond made up for mediocre batting with 3 excellent wickets in the 2nd innings, Bradman and Woodfull both scored centuries

    Hammond’s contribution of 905 runs at an average of 114 endorses the scarcity of Hammond collectables from this series. Walter Hammond signed scorecards etc., if sourced are a must investment.

    White took 8/126 at Adelaide, Larwood 6/32 at Brisbane

    England won the first 4 tests resulting in a 4 – 1 win

    England v Australia 1930

    Owing to Don Bradman’s excellent performance in this series Cricket Memorabilia is a premium, the series was decided at the Oval which is probably the most collectable.

    1st test at Nottingham

    Bradman 131 in the 2nd innings

    2nd test at Lords

    Duleep a fine 173 caught Bradman off Grimmett  in the 1st innings, Woodfull 155 and Bradman 254

    2nd innings Percy Chapman 121

    3rd test at Headingley

    1ST innings Bradman 334, Hammond 113

    5th test Kennington Oval

    1st innings Sutcliffe 161, Ponsford 110, Bradman 232,

    Hornibrook 7/92

    Grimmetts series tally was a useful 29 wickets at an economical 31.9 runs

    During the 1930’s series Bradman scored 974 runs at 139.5, it is easy to understand England’s concerns in the build-up to the Bodyline series.

    Australia won the 5 test series 2 – 1- 2

    Australia v England 1932/33 Bodyline series

    I have written extensively about this series and my advice to potential collectors is simple, this series is highly collectable, my personal interest is in Tour itineraries and signed team sheets


    England v Australia 1934

    1st test Trent Bridge

    Farnes 5/77, O’Reilly 7/54

    2nd test Lords

    Ames 120, Leyland 109, Brown 105

    Verity 7/61. 8/43 signed scorecards are available for this test

    3rd test at Old Trafford

    1st innings, Hendren 132, Leyland 153, Stan Mc Cabe 137

    4th test Headingley Ponsford 181, Bradman 304

    Bowes 6/142

    5th test Kennington Oval

    Ponsford 266, Bradman 244, Leyland 110

    The series was decided in final test which is probably the most collectable.

    Over eight innings Bradman scored 758 runs.  Bradman signed a lot of autographs over the years so for value it is important to relate his signature directly to the event: signed photographs, postcards and tour material achieves this.

    Australia won the series 2 - 1


     Australia v England 1936/37

    1st test at Brisbane Leyland 126, Fingleton 100, Voce 6/41,4/16, Ward 6/102, Allen 5/36, O’Reilly 5/102

    2nd test at Sydney Hammond 231 not out.

    I have a team signed cricket bat and signed photograph of Walter Hammond from this event however would like a signed scorecard.

    3rd test at Melbourne in the 2nd innings Leyland 111, Singletons scored 136 and Bradman an amazing 270; any collectables from this series are excellent.

    4th test at Adelaide

    Barnett 129, Bradman 212, Fleetwood Smith took 6 wickets for 110

    5th test at Melbourne

    Australia 604 in the 1st innings, Bradman 169, McCabe 112, Badcock 118

    Australia won the (8 ball over) series 3 – 2


    England v Australia 1938

    Len Hutton’s 364 is a tremendous achievement, associated memorabilia can only appreciate in value.

    1st test at Trent Bridge, Barnett 126, Hutton 100, Paynter 219, Compton 102, Mc Cabe 232 following on in the 2nd innings Brown 133, Bradman 144

    2nd test at Lords Hammond 240, Brown 206, Bradman 102 not out in the 2nd innings

    4th test at Headingley Bradman 104 in the 2nd innings

    5th test at Oval 1st innings Hutton 364, Leyland 187, Hardstaff 169 not out, Bowes 5/49, O’Reilly 5/56, 5/66

    4 match series drawn 1 – 1

    England v Australia 1948

    1st test at Trent Bridge, Bradman 138, Hassett 137, Compton 184, Johnston 5/35

    2nd test at Lords, Morris 105, Barnes 141 in the 2nd innings, Lindwall 5/70

    3rd test at Old Trafford , Compton 145 not out, a notable achievement in passing his 18000 runs in first class cricket, Dennis Compton memorabilia from this series is especially collectable

    4th test at Headingley Washbrook 143, Edrich 111, Harvey 112, Morris 182 in the 2nd innings and Bradman 173 not out

    5th Test at the Oval, Morris 196, Lindwall 6/20

    Don Bradman who turned 40 years of age during the tour led Australia on his 4th and last tour of England. His team became known as the Invincibles as they were undefeated in every match they played. The tourists won 4 Test Matches 1 drawn and 23 first class matches drawing 8. The tourists are widely regarded as the best Test side ever.

    Cricket memorabilia from the 1948 series is very collectable, signed team sheets are at a premium if they are complete, especially if SG Barnes has autographed the sheet instead of his usual hand stamp.

    The 1948 tour itineraries postcards and photos showing the RMS Strathaird which the team sailed on from Fremantle to Tilbury are a favourite.

    The 1948 Australian team is probably the most popular with collectors after the 1932/33 infamous Bodyline series.

    Tony Selby




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  • Herbert Sutcliffe Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on April 17, 2012 by Selby


    Cricket Memorabilia – Sutcliffe and Hobbs Legendary Opening Batsmen – Caps, Tour Collectables Signed Autographs, Scorecards, Sepia Press Photos are sought after by fans and collectors.

    Herbert Sutcliffe (1894 – 1978) was born in North Yorkshire, a professional Cricketer he played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club and England, a right hand opening batsman his first class career began with end of WW1 and continued until the start of the second World War which interrupted International Cricket in 1939.

    At the age of 13 Sutcliffe had begun playing local League Cricket for the Pudsey Brittania Club, at 17 his talents and powerful drive had come to the attention of Yorkshire CCC, after a trial in the nets he was invited to play for the 2nd eleven, following some notable success in the Bradford league his promising start was put hold as he enlisted for Military service. Having played some Cricket during the War, it was not until 1919 that he made his First Class debut in a Yorks v Glos County Match at the Spa Gloucester, batting number 6 he was caught by Alfred Dipper (one test Eng v Aus 1921) for 11 runs.

    In 1919 Sutcliffe had a double first against Northampton in a County Championship match, when he opened the batting with Holmes, scored his maiden century in first class cricket and put on a 279 first wicket stand, his contribution was 145 runs before being caught off John Seymour by the Northants skipper Joseph Beasley. Holmes and Sutcliffe continued as the opening pair scoring five centuries each, including a 174 (c Lionel Hedges, b Tich Freeman) for Sutcliffe against Kent at Dover.

    First Class Matches played by Sutcliffe which are of particular interest to me as a collector of Cricket Memorabilia are usually ones associated with memorable events I have listed below a few that I am personally interested in:

    Early day’s pre 1919 in the Bradford League with Pudsey Britannia, Yorks.

    Northampton v Yorkshire (1st innings at Northampton) 1919.

    Kent v Yorkshire (1st innings at Crabble Athletic Ground Dover) 1919.

    Surrey v Yorkshire, 1st innings (232) at the Oval 1922.

    England v South Africa at Edgbaston 1924.

    England v Australia tour 1924/25.

    Yorkshire v Middlesex 1st innings (235) at Headingley 1925.

    The Holmes and Sutcliffe private tour of India Ceylon 1930/31.

    Essex v Yorkshire 1st inning (313) bowled by Eastman at the County ground Leyton 1932.

    Bodyline series 1932/33, 1st innings at Sydney (194) any bodyline series is very collectable.

    Plus many more First Class Matches of note.

    Sutcliffe made his Test debut in 1924 against South Africa at Edgbaston opening the innings with his nemesis Jack Hobbs, they achieved a partnership of 136 in the 1st innings and 268 in the 2nd Test at Lords.

    Cricket Memorabilia featuring both Sutcliffe and Hobbs is always sought after.

    Listed below are some statistics to demonstrate Sutcliffe’s outstanding achievements

    Statistics supplied by Cricinfo.

    Batting and fielding averages



































    Bowling averages







































    Sutcliffe became a Test selector and was an active member of the Yorkshire Committee following his retirement.

    Yorkshire CCC named the Sutcliffe gates at Headingley in honour of their Legendary opening batsman. He was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame

    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia


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  • Sachin Tendulkar

    Posted on March 26, 2012 by Selby

    Sachin Tendulkar is an excellent ambassador of Indian Cricket since going in at the deep end against Pakistan in '89, he is surely one of the greatest batsmen ever as statistics show he is the only cricketer to score a hundred centuries in international the many memorable is his astonishing double century for Mumbai playing against the touring Australians at the Brabourne Stadium in 1998.

    Interesting read in the attached article Times of India

    Tony Selby



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  • West Indies Cricket Memorabilia

    Posted on February 8, 2012 by Selby

    West Indies Cricket Memorabilia
    The Caribbean Islands are home to Crickets most illustrious team, “The Windies.” So many talented Cricketers have represented the West Indies creating an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to build a portfolio of West Indies Cricket Memorabilia.
    Interesting Cricket Collectables which are currently sought after include, Autographs, Tour Brochures, Pictures, Dinner Menus, Cricket programmes, Scorecards, Signed Cricket Bats, Real Photo Postcards, handwritten material and more recently Presentations and Montages. Many of these authentic items are available at Auction Houses or through our own Cricket Memorabilia online shop.
    Early beginnings:
    Inter Colonial Cricket matches had been played on the islands from as far back as 1865, In that same year Barbados are reported have defeated British Guiana (Demerara) at Garrison Savannah in Bridgetown dismissing Demerara for 22 and 38 respectively. In 1884 a number of neighbouring islands in the Caribbean decided to put together a Cricket side with a view to Touring the US and Canada. Two years later a newly formed West Indies Cricket Team made its first overseas tour. The tour which started in Montreal visited Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Won 6, lost 5, drew 2. From there it was on to the USA where they played three matches versus Philadelphia, who were regarded as a more experienced side, having played a number of International matches, only the previous year in 1885 defeating an England eleven led by EJ Sanders by 109 runs.
    Despite an 18 run win at Longwood Cricket Club playing 12 per side, the tourists were defeated in the 7 match series which included an 8 wicket loss on Staten Island not helped by CJP Wilsons bowling: 4 for 7 off nine overs.
    Sports correspondents from the Philadelphia News reported the Tourists as outclassed.
    In 1894/5 an amateur England side led by R Slade Lucas contested 16 matches in the Caribbean. Travelling out with compliments of the Royal Mail Packet Company, sailing on the Medway the visitors rested on the 12 day voyage to Bridgetown before being made welcome by Cricket clubs on a number of neighbouring Caribbean islands. Cricket Memorabilia from this tour including photographs of the Medway signed by the Team are good examples of sought after collectables.
    The tour results:
    10 won, 4 lost, 2 drawn was the final tally for the tour however of the 8 first class matches 4 were won 3 lost.
    Over the next few years a number of International matches where played at home and on tours until finally things were put on a more formal footing with the formation of the West Indies Cricket Board in the 1920s.
    A stronger Barbados team toured England in 1923 led by HBG Austin, winning 12 matches with Barbadian George Challenor (1888 – 1947) scoring 1556 runs in First Class Matches including six centuries. A quote from George’s obituary (age 59) in Wisden “His admirable batting did much toward raising cricket in West Indies to Test match standard". Memorabilia is available from this series and should be collected. George had already toured England in 1906 and would again in 1928.
    The WICB became a full member of the International Cricket Council in 1926 and were granted Test Status in1928. West Indians already passionate about Cricket were about to move up a gear or two.
    The West Indies Cricket Emblem is an unusual welcoming design featuring a palm tree on a tropical island amended in 1999 to include a set of Cricket stumps. It typifies the easy laid back attitude of their splendid players.
    The reason I refer to these early tours is to demonstrate the amount of collectable material available if one looks for it, Cricket Memorabilia from these early Matches especially up to WW2 is very desirable.
    Of particular interest to me to add to my portfolio are the following series:
    1939 West Indies v England third test Oval – Weekes (137), Constantine 5/ 75,( Hutton 165)
    1947/48 West Indies v England – Gubby Allen, Ken Cranston, Jim Laker 7/103
    1950 West Indies v England - Ramadhin, Valentine, Rae,( Worrell 261, Walcott 168) 3/1
    1960/61 West Indies v Australia – Frank Worrell
    1961/62 West Indies v India (5/0) Gibbs, Sobers, Durani
    The best Team in the world: The team formed by Frank Worrell in the early Sixties was regarded between 1962 -67 as the side to beat.
    West Indies Cricket Memorabilia from the above era is particularly attractive as are some of Series I have listed above. My favourite would be 1950 West Indies v England.
    Since the Sixties the West Indies Cricket Team have had many successes and are regarded as the most charismatic team to watch, their competitive spirit, passion for the game, calypso music, bright colours, so much talent and crowd participation make each Test Series exciting, fantastic to watch at Lords and spectacular in the Caribbean.
    Good luck with your collecting
    Tony Selby

    Cricket Memorabilia

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